Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Kiele

Over and over again, we try to emphasize how enjoyable the process of finding your dream dress should be. A bride puts so much pressure on herself to find the perfect dress and to look perfect in it, but what she should really do is sit back and enjoy the process of wearing such an amazing dress at such a special time in her life. One your wedding day, you should look amazing, but you should also ENJOY the fact that you look amazing! You should be comfortable and happy- after all, isn't it the happiest day of your life? For Kiele, it was:

Kiele's story jsut makes us happy: “I shopped around for dress shops because I wanted an experience as opposed to just a shop. Of all, Madeleine’s Daughter had the biggest selection, most attentive and knowledgeable staff, and most comfortable atmosphere. From the very beginning, they made me feel special. Everything I had ripped out of magazines, they had, and everything I needed to tweak, was carefully considered and tailored. We had our own luxurious room to try on dresses and include my friends and family. The staff was gracious, excited and understanding about my personal preferences and ideals, as well as what a special time in my life this was. I loved my seamstress and knew I could trust her to make my dress fit me perfectly. And it did! On my wedding day, I not only felt beautiful, I felt comfortable and relaxed, which allowed me to enjoy every little bit of my day. Thank you, Madeleine’s Daughter for helping me find the perfect dress for me.”

Every bride should be "comfortable and relaxed" on her wedding day and able to "enjoy every little bit" of her day. Kiele, we couldn't say it any better!

Email us today to tell us about what your wedding day was like- we would love to hear about how wonderful it was!

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  1. Truly bride is looking gorgeous. Impressed to see these photos here. Her wedding dress is so much eye catching. We will also have a fairy outdoor wedding at Los angeles wedding venues. Have bought a white fairy themed gown for my big day.



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