Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Josslin

A wedding gown is unlike any other garment you wear for so many different reasons: the construction, the cost, the fit, etc. It's the most special thing you will likely wear in your entire life and the stress of shopping for it can be tremendous. It's your ONE chance to get it right, but as stressful as that can be, you should also enjoy the process of finding it. Our bride Josslin had a difficult time at first, but then she came to Madeleine's and everything changed.

Since it's tacky to toot our own horn, we'll let Josslin toot it for us:
“After being thoroughly disappointed by other bridal boutiques and unimpressed with the consultants working there I didn't know what to expect at my appointment at Madeleine's Daughter. I walked in and was instantly greeted with the smiling face of my amazing consultant. She escorted me to the fitting room and immediately expressed interest in not only what I was looking for in a dress but the wedding itself. After trying on many dresses that I thought I wanted but weren't quite right, she brought in a gown that she felt would be everything I was looking for. It didn't impress me on the hanger but it took my breath away once she zipped it up.  She found my perfect dress. I couldn't have asked for a better bridal boutique. Finding your dream wedding dress should be an easy and enjoyable experience and that is just what I got at Madeleine's Daughter.”

Shopping at a boutique where the staff is knowledgeable is very important, but you should also get to work with someone who is fun and who makes shopping for the gown a memorable, happy experience. We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our brides when they are looking for a dress. Our consultants are experts at what they do and while it may be your first and only time shopping for a bridal gown, it's something they have done over and over again. So if you're looking for a gown, why not come to the one place where you can let the stress melt away and just enjoy the process?

Was your gown-shopping experience similar to Josslin's? Email us today and tell us all about it- we want to hear what it was like for you, too!

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