Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Engaged- and Everything's Changed!

Earlier this year, we posted a blog in which you got to meet one of our most experienced consultants- McKenzie. When that post was published, she had recently become engaged! There isn't much that can happen to stir up excitement in our shop more than when one of our own becomes engaged.

For McKenzie, her perspective on everything wedding-related also changed once she had a ring on her finger. She writes, "I have been here at Madeleine's Daughter for five years now. I have always kept a very narrow perspective of my part of a bride's wedding planning. I see my job as helping a bride look and feel more beautiful than on any other day in her life! These dresses are the most exquisite things ever and a woman's opportunity to wear one is such an amazing experience. I always encourage a bride to put aside everything else she is seeing for her wedding and allow herself to focus entirely on her self. So what if you are getting married on the beach?! If you want to wear a satin ballgown, then we are going to get you a satin ballgown! Everything about your wedding follows suit with the decision you've made about your dress.
"While I still feel exactly the same, since recently getting engaged myself, my very narrow perspective has widened. I am now so curious about everything else! I love that all rules are out the window and brides and grooms are making their special day ALL about them. And I absolutely love hearing how each couple is planning to do this.

"I feel like I can now relate to the overwhelming task of planning one of these things and have much more awareness of the HUGE cost of everything. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many unbelievable women who are now able and willing to share so much with me!"

We are SO excited to see how McKenzie's wedding takes shape, but of course the most exciting part for us is seeing which amazing dress ends up being "the one." What are your thoughts on picking a gown? Do you agree with McKenzie's perspective that you should throw out all other thoughts and focus entirely on yourself and your gown? In your opinion, is the gown the most important decision you'll make in terms of planning the wedding? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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