Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wedding Curveballs: Discontinued Styles

Over the last few months, we've had lots of brides coming in to shop for a dress for the first time. A lot of these ladies have wedding dates scheduled for late 2013 or even 2014. Obviously, we LOVE how on-the-ball they are, but shopping so far in advance can create its own set of issues. The most common curveball when shopping so far out is the dreaded discontinued dress.

Here's how it plays out: The bride finds her dream dress almost immediately, but since the wedding is so far away, she figures, "I'll keep looking around to see what else is out there and then order my dress closer to the wedding." Smart, right? Well, yes and no. As long as that dress is still available a year or so later, then yes. Unfortunately, designers discontinue dresses all the time. We never know when we'll get an announcement from a designer that they are discontinuing a dress, but it can happen at any time and for just about any reason. Sometimes, we're lucky enough to have 2 or 3 weeks notice, but not always. Fortunately, if we have notice and we know you love that dress, we'll call you to let you know it's being discontinued. You may still be able to order it if you act fast.

So what do you do if the dress of your dreams has been discontinued and you can no longer order it? There are a few options for you:

First, consider purchasing the sample dress from our store. You may even be able to ask for a bit of a discount if you're purchasing a discontinued floor sample.

A selection of our discontinued dresses

Second, consider making some minor changes to another similar dress, even another dress by the same designer.

If you don't have the option of purchasing the sample, then take some time and figure out exactly what it is that you loved about the dress. Was is the fabric? Or the embellishments? Or maybe the silhouette and the fit? If you find yourself in this predicament, book an appointment immediately with your bridal consultant. She will know exactly what dresses to show you that will make you feel as beautiful as the original dress.

No matter what, just remember that everything happens for a reason. We've seen brides who were devastated to find out they could no longer get their dream dress, only to be completely elated when they found another dress that they loved even more than the first one. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude and you'll end up with a dress that is your dream come true!

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