Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Staff: Cheryl

We hope you've enjoyed meeting all of our consultants over the last couple of months. We've really enjoyed sharing so much about them with you and we've loved hearing from those of you who worked with our consultants. Today we're continuing this series with Cheryl:

How long have you been a bridal consultant at Madeleine's Daughter? I've been here for 3 years.

Who is your favorite designer/dress? I love Marisa.

How would you describe your approach in helping a bride find her dress? My approach is laid-back. A very soft approach.

What is your most memorable experience at Madeleine's Daughter? I remember the very first dress I helped a bride with. The moment she said it was "the dress" and feeling the emotions of being part of that experience. I'll never forget it.

In ONE word, describe what it's like to have an appointment with you. Friendly

What is your favorite type of bridal accessory? Headpieces with flowers and feathers

What advice do you have for a bride coming to Madeleine's Daughter to find her dress? Bring pictures of styles you like. Be open-minded.

What is your favorite thing about working in the bridal industry? It's different every day!

Coffee or tea? Coffee
White, milk or dark chocolate? Milk
Cats or dogs? Cats

Of course, bridal consultants aren't the only staff you'll meet here, so check back soon to get to know some more staff- our store manager Juhree, our alterations staff and others!

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