Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Ashley

One of the comments we often hear in the store centers around surprise at hearing how much we have to offer in addition to bridal gowns. We have over 400 sample bridesmaid dresses and over 300 mother's dresses available. It's no surprise to us how much selection there is, but it turns out that it's a surprise to many of you! Our bride Ashley was pleasantly surprised by how much we had and ended up with her bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses and mother's dress all from Madeleine's!

Here's Ashley's story: “I had a very particular look in mind for my wedding dress because my wedding was outside and it was a "bohemian theme.” I looked everywhere in Maine and nowhere had that style dress; they had big, poofy dresses, which was the opposite of what I was looking for. Not only did Madeleine's Daughter have the style dress I wanted, they also had an environment that makes you feel incredibly special. You get to go into your own room and have a consultant bring the dresses to you. It was the only shop in the area that provided this luxury and by the time I went there I was so sick of digging through dresses! All of the consultants we worked with were great and full of ideas. My dress originally had 3D flowers all over the bottom and under the bust with tiny feathers sticking out all over them. I loved the dress, but couldn't sell myself on having the feathers all over. My consultant knew the dress would be the one if I could have it without the feathers, so she called the designer and asked if it could be done. Next thing I knew I had the dress I wanted, the way I wanted it and I couldn't have been happier. Not only did Madeleine's have the unique style dress that I wanted, but they also had bridesmaid dresses that were unlike any other dresses I had found in Maine. They went perfectly with my theme and really tied everything together! My mom also found her dress there after looking and looking for months. The one on the rack was the right color and fit her like a glove, so the consultant let her buy it right off the rack! Overall our experience was great and easy, which is what I needed at that stressful time in my life! Since my wedding last year, I have suggested Madeline's Daughter to many friends and family. Thanks!”

We love hearing success stories like this one. Surprisingly, a lot of our designers are willing to make minor changes to their dresses. Sometimes a small change is what it takes for the dress to be "the one" and we can easily find out whether that small change is possible. Sometimes, even if the designer isn't willing to make the change, it can often be done when you come in for alterations. We have lots of custom change requests in the alterations department- things like making a neckline into a sweetheart shape, or removing layers of crinolin under the skirt or even removing an embellishment like Ashley did. If you're wondering whether something can be done to your dress, just ask!

Are you a Madeleine's bride who made a small (or big) change to her dress? Let us know what you did to make your dress perfect on your wedding day. And send us a picture, too!

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