Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This particular holiday tends to be a quiet one for us here in the store- all of our brides are usually out to a nice, romantic dinner this evening. We hope you are having a Happy Valentine's Day with your partner today! And if you happen to get engaged on this year's Valentine's Day, be sure to call us tomorrow to schedule your appointment to look for your dream dress- after the ring, it's the first step to happily ever after!

In honor of this holiday, we'd like to show you some of our gowns that are in the popular "blush" color. This is a color we are seeing more and more on the runway and brides are loving it! Before you freak out thinking, "OMG!!! I would never want to wear a PINK dress!!!" just take a minute and be open to the idea. A blush gown doesn't necessarily mean Barbie pink, in fact, it's often just a warmer version of champagne and is actually really flattering on lots of different skin tones.

Of course, it's the most flattering on girls with red or strawberry blonde hair, like our beautiful front desk receptionist Lindsay. She was kind enough to be our model while we photographed a sampling of our blush wedding gowns:

In this look, we've paired the stunning "Candy" by Monique Lhuillier with a blush-toned cathedral veil by Toni Federici. This particular dress also works beautifully with  butterscotch colored veil called "Snowdrop" also by Toni Federici, as seen in this photo:

Because of the tone of the beading and embellishments on the bodice, the butterscotch veil works just as well as the matching blush veil. It's all a matter of preference, really. And if you're not convinced that a pink veil is going to work, it's a nice alternative to ivory that still looks more traditional.

We also have another blush-toned Monique Lhuillier gown in the store right now, called "Peony." It's made with a stunning blush jacquard fabric, which is essentially a monochromatic print. It's a slightly paler blush than "Candy," but still distinct:

The design and detail of this dress is absolutely flawless, so we chose to keep the acessories simple. We topped off the dress with an amazing statement necklace by Elizabeth Cole.

Of course, it's not just Monique Lhuillier who's designing with blush tones this season. In fact, our private collection, exclusive to our store also has a stunning blush gown available this season:

Again, the cathedral blush-toned veil by Toni Federici is the perfect complement to the dress, as well as a stunning headband by Maria Elena

Some brides might love the idea of a blush-colored gown, but aren't quite ready to divert from the traditional white or ivory. In that case, consider wearing a different dress for the reception that ties in the blush tones. It doesn't even have to be a gown- you may want to wear one of our short styles like this one by Jovani:

The bodice has a blush lining that peeks through the beaded top layer. We think it looks great with a Swarovski-encrusted mini-clutch and our new shoes, "Charlize," by Benjamin Adams. This look could work perfectly for either a rehearsal dinner outfit or a second dress reception look.
What do you think of the blush-toned wedding gown trend? It seems like it all started on the red carpet a few years ago when nearly every starlet walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards in varying shades of nude and blush. We're so glad to see this color becoming more popular for bridal. Call today to set up an appointment to try on any of these beautiful blush gowns. All of them are also available in ivory, as are the veils, so don't stress if you love the design but not the color.

Leave a comment to tell us what you think! Or if you are a bride planning to wear blush, leave a comment to tell us what draws you to that color. Happy Valentine's Day- we hope you get to blush on this day, too!

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