Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is a Trunk Show?

We recently announced our trunk shows that we've scheduled for 2012, but then we got some facebook comments asking "What IS a trunk show?" So today we're dedicating this post to explaining exactly what a trunk show is and what the benefits are of coming to our shop during a trunk show.

First and foremost, a trunk show is an opportunity for you to see a LOT of dresses by a specific designer, often dresses that are brand new. For a trunk show, the designer will send dresses to our store that are part of their most current collection. For example, we carry dresses by Pronovias in our store, but their collection is so large, we couldn't possibly carry every single dress they make. At a trunk show, there will be lots more dresses by the designer, sometimes as many as 40 or 50 additional dresses!

When we purchase sample gowns to have in our store, it's just not possible to carry every single dress by every single designer. Instead, our owner and store manager and some of our experienced sales staff will view the collections and decide which dresses to carry. The result is a store with about 500 samples for you to choose from. Despite the fact that our sample collection is HUGE, there are still plenty of dresses out there that brides want to see and try on. Trunk shows make that possible. Earlier this month, we had a trunk show featuring a new designer we're carrying- Nicole Miller. She sent us about three dozen dresses we don't normally have in our store:

In addition to lots of extra dresses, there is almost always at least one representative from the designer and sometimes the actual designer will be there, too! Often brides will have a minor change they would like to make to the dress. When we have the designer in the store to answer their questions about what can and cannot be done to a dress, it helps streamline the customization process. Also, it's really fun to meet the person who designed your dress!

In summary, if there is a designer you like and you want to have the opportunity to try on more of their dresses, a trunk show is the time to do that. However, in addition to the expanded selection and the opportunity to meet the designer, there are often incentives if you purchase your dress during the trunk show. For example, during our Maggie Sottero trunk show, we offered our brides 20% of the cost of the dress towards accessories! So, if the gown cost $1,000, we gave her $200 towards accessories. For every trunk show, the incentive will vary. Some will offer a discount on the dress, others towards accessories and some, like Nicole Miller will be given a huge discount on alterations.

Which one of our trunk shows are you most excited about attending now that you know all about what they entail? Leave a comment to tell us! Also, click here for a full list of our 2012 trunk show dates.

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