Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Bonnie

If there is one thing we've learned after so many years in the industry, no two weddings are alike. And no two brides are alike, either. Every bride is a unique and special individual and we love seeing how each brides' personality shines through in her dress and accessory choices. We often see two brides wearing similar dresses, but styled so differently that you might not even realize the similarities of their dresses. Sometimes the brides surprise themselves with their accessory choices, too! But that's what makes shopping in our store so fun and unique- your bridal consultant might make a suggestion you never would have thought of on your own. And once you try on that piece you have never considered before that moment, you might surprise yourself with how much you like it! Our bride Bonnie had an experience like that:

Bonnie was kind enough to not only send these stunning photos (by Jodi Yorston Photography), but she also shared a bit about her experience with us: “I had such a positive experience dress shopping at Madeleine's Daughter.  My consultant was wonderful!  We were married in St. John in July, so I was looking for a dress that wasn't too heavy but still had a bit of structure.  After listening to what type of wedding we were having and my likes and dislikes in terms of styles of dresses, she brought me about six dresses to try on and number three was "the one"!  I cried when I saw myself in it, and I hadn't come anywhere close to having that reaction with any of the other dresses I'd tried.  Later when I was looking for veils to complete the look, it was my consultant who suggested I try on a birdcage style veil, which I had never considered before.  I loved the effect! I was so pleased with how the whole look came together on my wedding day. I never felt more beautiful! Thank you!”

Bonnie's birdcage veil looks amazing and really highlights how stunning her bright green eyes are! It might not have been what she envisioned initially, but it's clear from the pictures that this look suits her. We really love hearing that our brides have been pleasantly surprised by the choices they made in our store. Are you such a bride? Do you have an interesting of funny story to share about your experience with us? We would love to hear it, so please email us today!

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