Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meet Our Bride: Heidi

A lot of people assume that since we're up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, that we mostly get brides from nearby- Maine, central New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. The truth is that our brides come from far and wide. Every single day, we hear from someone from Boston or even further south. We even once had a bride from Presque Isle, ME (about 5 hours away by car)! One of our brides recently flew in from Mexico to have her fittings! We love hearing from our brides who don't live nearby, especially when they tell us it was worth the trip. This was the case for Heidi:

Here's how Heidi tells it, "It is every girl’s fairytale to find 'the perfect dress' for her wedding day. I heard wonderful things about Madeleine's Daughter and even though I drove an hour and 45 minutes to look for my dress, it was well worth the drive. My mother, best friend, and mother-in-law came with me to try on dresses and we all immediately fell in love with my consultant who helped me find my dress. We had such an amazing experience...we laughed and truly enjoyed ourselves but when the highly anticipated words, "this is the one," came out of my mouth...along came the tears. The customer service exceeded our expectations, they offered a variety of dresses and they worked with my budget. I highly recommend going…you may just find 'the one!'"

We love when a trip to our shop ends with the words, "this is the one!" And we love it even more when our bride sends us such amazing photos! It really is a treat that makes our whole day even better.

If you're a Madeleine's Daughter bride and you'd like to share your photos and a little about your experience here, please email us! We love nothing more than hearing from our brides!

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