Thursday, December 29, 2011

Accessorizing with Our Consultants!

The other day, a few of the bridal consultants got into a discussion about accessorizing- mostly how they are often impressed with how other consultants can accessorize a gown and a bride. It's true that even after years of working in the industry, they'll turn the corner in our store and be completely shocked and inspired by the accessories another consultant has pulled together for a dress. What began as a simple discussion about favorite accessories, turned into an afternoon of playing, "How would YOU accessorize this dress?"

We pulled a stunning gown by Monique Lhuillier- a beautiful lace sheath with a sexy front slit and lovely lace cap sleeves. One of our consultants volunteered to be our "bride" and the rest of the consultants jumped at the chance to accessorize her. Here's what they each came up with:

Kristin said, "I wanted a vintage feel with a little sparkle- something timeless." She nailed it- the dress itself can very easily go from modern to vintage, so careful selection of the accessories is important since that is what will truly determine the overall look. But the important thing to remember is that accessories don't have to break the bank- all of these accessories together totaled less than $600- not bad considering they are all custom made.

Shoes by Grace: $107
Earrings by Bling: $114
Bracelet by Toni Federici: $150
Veil by Toni Federici: $225
Total cost of accessories: $596

Cheryl's shared, "I pictured this bride as the epitome of country elegance." With the simple addition of a beaded belt, the dress is completely transformed. She opted not to put a veil with the look, but instead chose a simple flower in her bride's hair. The jewelry sparkled, but didn't overpower. Cheryl's look was a little pricier than Kristin's, adding up to just under $800 for everything.

Shoes by Liz Renee: $107
Belt by Essense of Australia: $449
Flower headpiece by En Vogue: $119
Earrings by Bling: $114
Total cost of accessories: $789

Brandie was interested in making sure everything worked together, "I wanted to balance the sexiness of the slit with the formality of the cathedral veil- sassy and romantic." Success! This high-end look is the perfect mix of sass and romance. At nearly $1,600, it was one of the more expensive looks of the afternoon, but worth every penny for the handmade heirloom-quality pieces.

Shoes by Liz Renee: $119
Earrings by Elizabeth Cole: $138
Headpiece by Maria Elena: $738
Veil by Toni Federici: $600
Total cost of accessories: $1,595

Meghan (who also happened to be our model) accessorized herself with the goal of "understated elegance- very feminine." Since her accessories were so simple, it really allowed the dress to be the focal point of the look. Again, the price for everything was around $700.

Shoes by Liz Renee: $99
Headpiece by Bling: $237
Earrings by Bling: $114
Bracelet by Maria Elena: $248
Total cost of accessories: $698

Sadie said, "I wanted a cutting edge couture look." This is certainly cutting-edge! It looks like our model walked right off the runway and into our store! The necklace and brand new veil are so modern and fashion-forward. This look was neither the most nor the least expensive, totaling around $700 for five accessories- impressive!

Shoes by Liz Renee: $112
Veil by Toni Federici: $270
Sash by Monique Lhuillier: $125
Earrings by La Sposa: $120
Necklace by La Sposa: $75
Total cost of accessories: $702

And finally, Kerry said, "I went for a regal, winter look. I pictured my bride with a European flair." Kerry's look was spot-on for a formal event in a Scottish castle, or so we thought. The jacket, necklace and headpiece are all strong statement pieces that completely transform the look of the dress. The collar on the jacket is almost Elizabethan, but in a modern way. At nearly $1,800, this was the most expensive look of the day, but consider that the price includes a custom-made jacket plus four other accessories!

Shoes by Filippa Scott: $190
Sash by Monique Lhuillier: $220
Necklace by Bling: $357 (includes a set of earrings)
Headpiece by Maria Elena: $825
Jacket (custom): $175
Total cost of accessories: $1,767

It's amazing how accessories can really transform the whole look of the dress. A simple belt adds emphasis to a tiny waistline, while statement earrings bring the focus up to the face. A veil can be flirty and funky or elegant and classic. And did you know that you should always order your accessories four to six months before the wedding? Nearly every accessory pictured above is made to order by the designer, so book your accessory appointment early to ensure all your pieces arrive in plenty of time for the big day!

How did you accessorize your wedding gown? Do you have pictures to share? We'd love to see what you wore, so feel free to email us with a photo or two as well as a little about your look.

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