Thursday, November 17, 2011

What is up with bridal gown sample sizes?

Recently, we had a bride in our store who had some questions about our sample gowns. She was a plus size bride and she wondered why every dress was not available for her to try on in her specific size. We completely understand her confusion and so we would like to take the opportunity to discuss what types of samples we have in our store and why. So let's answer a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding our samples:

Why do you only carry the sample sizes 8-12 instead of having all sizes available for brides to try on? We usually only have one of each sample in our store. Occassionally, we will have an additional sample, often in a plus size. However, since we can only carry one sample, we choose the size that is most versatile. For example, a bride who is much larger or smaller than a size 10 can still try it on. For the size 0 bride, we use clips to pull it tight against her body. For a plus size bride, we use a combination of modesty panels and pins or clips to close the back of the gown, creating the "fitted" look she will ultimately have. In other words, it's not that we don't carry plus size, it's that we try to carry average size. It can be just as difficult for a size 2 bride to envision how she will look in her dress as it is for a size 20.

But still, you haven't answered my question! WHY don't you have every dress in a size 8-12 as well as a plus size? Here are three answers!
1.) Our store has the largest selection in New England and our bridal closet is seriously crowded! If we doubled the number of samples we carry, we would have no place to store them! It comes down to space. And even so, we have one of the largest selections of plus size samples available.
2.) Designers don't always give us a choice! Many of the lines we carry will only provide a sample in size 8, 10 or 12. And the ones that will let us order larger or plus size, we do! However, production schedules dramatically affect our ability to get other sizes, so even if we are able to order a different size, it may take up to 6 months longer than a standard sample.
3.) Supply and demand- it's basic economics. We carry the sample sizes that are most frequently ordered in our store. We cater to all sizes and shapes of brides, and are very adept at making all our brides feel comfortable regardless of the size dress they are trying on.

As a plus size bride, how can I feel confident ordering a dress that I've never tried on? Our consultants are experts not only in helping you find the dress that most suits your personality, but also in determining the one that will most flatter your body. Again, a bride who is a size 0 or 2 can struggle with fit just as much as a plus size bride. Even though our samples can be tried on by most brides, there are some exceptions. In that case, we have to show the bride how it will look using the "paper doll technique." While she may not have actually tried the dress on, using this technique, most brides will at least be able to get a sense of the proportion and silhouette as well as how the fabric and beadwork will appear against her skin.

Why does a plus-size dress cost more? The answer to this question is remarkably simple. A plus size dress uses more fabric and materials- beading, lace, etc. and therefore costs more. This is true for just about everything wedding-related! If you have 100 guests, your reception will cost less than if you have 150 guests. Your flower arrangements will be more expensive if you make them larger, than if you choose to carry a simple posy.

And perhaps the question we hear most frequently from ALL our brides:

Why do I have to order a size that is bigger than what I normally wear? Do you typically wear a size 8, but had to order a size 12? That is the case for nearly every bride. Very few designers have size charts that are true to size or comparable to ready-to-wear. However, since this is a pretty involved topic, we promise to dedicate an entire blog post to it in the future. Check back soon to find out the answers! But until then, please take a look at these photos of some amazing plus size gowns that are here in our store waiting for you to try on! And these are just a few that we have available!

Style #W274, Allure Bridals, Available for ordering up to size 32W

Style # 8526, Allure Bridals, Available for ordering up to size 32

"Bristol" by Pronovias, Available for ordering up to size 20

Style #D797, Essense of Australia, Available for ordering up to size 20

Do you have any other questions about sample sizes? Please feel free to leave a comment below and we'll be happy to answer them! Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!

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