Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet the Staff: Gigi

While you may think primarily of bridal gowns when you think of our store, we actually have consultants who specialize in mother of the bride/groom and bridesmaid dresses. These consultants are wizards when it comes to creating a cohesive bridal party look that compliments your dress as well as your venue. Gigi is one such consultant, so please take a few minutes to get to know her!

How long have you been a consultant at Madeleine's Daughter? I started in January 2005 as a bridal consultant, but then switched to bridesmaids and mothers.

Who is your favorite designer/dress? Bill Levkoff is my favorite for bridesmaids- he fits so many body types. Jade and Jovani are my favorites for mothers- Jovani for their edge and Jade for the great price.

How would you describe your approach in helping a bride or mother or bridesmaid find her dress? I listen to their needs and find a dress that fulfills those needs.

What is your most memorable experience at Madeleine's Daughter? I had a bride who chose a dress from a catalog. She was a plus size and she cried when she found a dress that we could get for her. She sent us pictures and expressed how happy she was.

In one word, descirbe what it's like to have an appointment with you.  Enjoyable.

What is your favorite type of bridal accessory? Earrings!

What advice do you have for a bride or mother coming to Madeleine's Daughter to find her dress? Come in with an open mind. Try different styles on- trust in us to find the perfect dress.

What is your favorite thing about working in the bridal industry? Making people happy and helping women feel BEAUTIFUL!

Coffee or tea? Coffee
White, milk or dark chocolate? DARK.
Cats or dogs? I love both!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Gigi- we constantly hear from people about how much fun it is to work with her. If you've had a great experience working with Gigi, leave a comment below and tell us about it! And don't forget to check back soon to meet more of our staff!

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