Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meet Our Brides: Liz and Allie

Very often brides think that searching for the perfect wedding gown will be a long, painstaking process involving multiple trips to lots of different shops and trying on gown after gown. While sometimes this is true, the opposite is actually a lot more common (at least in our experience). Over and over again, we see brides find their dream dress amongst the first three that they try on in our store. And there are lots of times, too, when the very first dress we put on them is "the one!"

Today we'd like to share two of our brides who had that exact experience- Liz and Allie:

"I had a great experience finding my gown at Madeleine's Daughter. I explained what I wanted and was given several styles to try. The first dress I picked and tried on was the dress for me. My whole family loved it. I tried on a few more cause I wanted to be sure. I loved that I wasn't pressured into buying the dress right away when she found out my family liked it. She also didn't try and hurry me along. It was fantastic. I was worried that I was wasting time and I shouldn't ask to try something different. She was so sweet when I said I just want to try one more dress that was completely different and brought one in. That final dress definitely helped me confirm that the first one was the one. The dress was beautiful and had applique and we had them add beading on the flowers that matched the beading on on the buttons. It made it perfect and exactly what I wanted. I loved how patient she was and that I didn't feel rushed. It was just the kind of experience we were looking for." - Liz

"I had an amazing experience at Madeleine's Daughter.  My mom flew up for the weekend, so I wanted to find a dress while she was here.  Our consultant knew exactly what I was looking for within minutes of meeting me.  The day before I had gone to many shops and couldn't find my dress.  The first dress my consultant had me try on was the one I picked.  Throughout the entire process from trying on dresses to the fittings, the staff was very friendly and professional.  I would highly recommend other brides to go to Madeleine's Daughter because of the great experience I had.  The selection is the largest I've seen in the area, and the staff was great to work with." - Allie

What was it like finding your perfect wedding gown? Did you try on dozens or just a few? We love hearing your stories, so feel free to email us with photos as well! And be sure to check back soon to see more of our own brides in their amazing gowns.

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