Monday, October 10, 2011

Going Green for Your Big Day

One of the biggest trends today is going green. Look around you- everyone is focused on recycling and re-using. So here's a question: How do you make your wedding Eco-friendly while staying true to your style? Here are a few tips!

- FOOD: Are your guests going to be too busy having a great time to eat all the food you've provided? How about donating the left overs to a local soup kitchen or shelter? Wouldn't you rather see the food you purchased enjoyed by more people if possible? Also, try to find a caterer who will create a menu based on seasonal and local ingredients. Find an organic bakery and ask them to decorate with fresh, seasonal flowers instead of a plastic cake-topper.
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- REGISTRY: Do you and your future partner already have a lot of household items? Rather than having an extensive registry, consider asking your guests to make a donation to a local charity instead. Also, choose to register with a store that specializes in fair-trade and organic products.
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- FLOWERS: Unfortunately, most flowers are not available locally year round. Rather than having out-of-season flowers shipped in for your big day, consider working with a florist who will help you select flowers that will be in season at that time of year. Also, look for a florist who tried to use organically grown flowers and plants. You may also consider dried flowers instead of fresh, or using potted plants instead of cut flowers. Some florists will even allow you to provide your own containers for the arrangements. Finally, consider an outdoor setting so as to minimize how many arrangements you will require.

- FAVORS: Think local when choosing your favors. Going to your neighborhood stores will not only support your community and save you money in shipping charges, but you will be able to provide your guests with something more personalized to your specific wedding location. You may even want to put in a little work yourself and rather than purchase favors, consider collecting seashells or pretty stones from the beach where your wedding is taking place. Finally, if there is a charity that is meaningful to you and/or your partner, consider making a donation in the name of your guests.
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- TRANSPORTATION: Consider holding both the ceremony and reception at the same location, or provide a shuttle service from one location to the next for your guests to cut down on fuel.

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- INVITATIONS: Cut down on paper use by sending your save- the- date via e-mail. Also, instead of using multiple envelopes, try a postcard for the RSVP. Many printers these days also have tree-free paper, or recycled products, and some even have environmentally-friendly inks!

-PHOTOS: Ask your photographer to do digital proofs to save on paper and chemicals. Everyone loves the candid shots taken by guests- instead of using disposable cameras, ask your guests to use their digital cameras and share them with all the guests online. You can use snapfish or flikr for a couple examples and good news it's free to join!

These are just a few examples of how to be green on your big day! Please share with us some of your ideas.

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