Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding traditions around the world part 3…

For our 3rd post on Wedding Traditions around the world we found that Germany had some great ones!  For instance for a German Hochzeit (wedding) friends of the happy couple play small fun pranks on the them.  Like filling their room with balloons or setting dozens of alarm clocks to different times then placing them strategically in their room so they go off and keep them up.
Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner they have what is called a “Polterabend”, this is an informal party with lots of food and drink.  When finished with your plate tradition says you are to break it, the more pieces the better!   It is said that the more pieces you have the more  good luck is brought to the happy couple. 
You could say that a German groom and his friends have a bachelor party of sorts, but they call it “Junggesellenabschied” (yes we agree that’s a mouth full!)  This is where they travel from pub to pub and the grooms friends all take turns buying him a round of drinks, in hopes of getting him sauced!
During the ceremony symbols of good luck are used.  For example, traditionally the bride brings bread and salt with her down the isle to ensure good crops for their family, while the groom brings grain for good fortune.  And when they leave the church afterwards walking on fir boughs is said to bring hope, luck and fertility to them.
After the ceremony the bride usually carries with her a long piece of white ribbon of which is cut and distributed to each guest for them to tie to their antenna.  This will ensure them a safe trip home.

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