Monday, August 15, 2011

Want a smaller catering bill?

We all know that a wedding reception is going to cost you!  here are some  helpful tips on how to cut that catering bill down so it doesn't take such a bite out of your budget!
Stay away from seafood…Seafood unfortunately tends to be on the pricey side so sticking with chicken, pork or beef will help keep costs lower.
Try offering less options…The more choices you offer your guests the more money you will have to shell out.  Keep it simple, offer two options, like chicken or beef.  You could also eliminate that and just serve one thing, but keep in mind there  could be some vegetarians coming so make sure they have something to eat as well.
Choose different desserts…Instead of the traditional large wedding cake do a small cake to cut and then have a dessert bar (becoming more and more popular).  Fill the dessert bar with cookies, brownies and cupcakes or even fresh fruits.  Wedding cakes are way more expensive than a dessert bar!
Try negotiating…Don’t be afraid to be aggressive!  Ask questions, who knows you and the caterer may be able to come up with a great solution to fit your budget and still have all the right options.  Honesty and curiosity can be a great combination!
Time of day…This can also affect the bottom line when it  comes to prices.  An evening wedding can be more expensive to cater than a midday wedding.  Simply because of the types of food served. Tea sandwiches are less expensive than beef bourguignon or maybe you can have pancakes…yum!
Cocktail hour…Trying to keep this to a minimum is easy!  Set a time frame for an open bar.  Give them 1 hour to live it up and after that they pay for their own drinks.  Or just don't serve alcohol…easy peasy!
So as you can see there are ways around the large catering bill that you have nightmares about.  Just sit down and think of the ways that will suit your wedding and help you cut your costs!

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