Friday, August 12, 2011

Out of town guest baskets..

This isn’t the most commonly done courtesy at weddings however it can be very helpful to those guests that are out of town and have never been to the area before.  Here are a ideas on things you could include in your basket.guest basket 4
The basket could be designed to relate to the area you live in or are marrying in and the season the wedding will take place.
For instance you could include an itinerary outlining all wedding-related activities.  This way they won’t have to worry about what time what event is taking place.  It will be at their  fingertips.   Give them a contact name and phone number in case anyone has questions.  Just make sure that the person you use is responsible enough to be able to help.
gift basket 5 Pack water bottles and snacks, this way they won’t have to go and foraging to find something, it will already be there waiting.  Some hotels have mini bars and those can be pretty expensive even for a small bottle of water!
Make sure to include a map and some tourist information of the local area.  You should be able to get these at your Chamber of Commerce or the local Town Hall.
If possible try to include some local coupons to places that they could visit.  For example in our area we have a Waterguest basket 3 Country and the Downtown Portsmouth are has tons of things to see and do.   Obviously only choose things that would work for the time of year you are being married.
You could even include a local newspaper too, this would give them a lot of information about the are as well.  Like movie times or for example Portsmouth has the Seacoast Repertory Theater that puts on musicals. The show listings would be in the paper, and we are sure that guests would appreciate that especially if they have never been  to your area.
guest basket 1 Since New Hampshire is Red Sox territory living in this area or the surrounding New England area a small Red Sox memorabilia included would also be a nice touch then they would also have a souvenir. 
There are so many possibilities on what you could include in your out of town guest baskets that its mind boggling!  If you are planning to do this we suggest sitting down and doing some brainstorming.  Write down any and all things about the area you know and if you still want more there is always Google to help you out!  Have fun making baskets!

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