Monday, August 8, 2011

History of the Boutonnière and the Corsage…

So we all know that these are a staple in almost any wedding no matter the day and age and sometimes no matter where.  The question is do we know why?  What is the meaning behind wearing them?  Well we did our research and found out just what those answers are here is what we came up with.
The Boutonnière
This is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud on the lapel of their jackets. The word comes from the French word for buttonhole, and buttonhole is what the British term is.
It has been traditionally worn on the left lapel of a mans suit jacket just at the buttonhole.  It used to be that the stem of the flower was pushed through the buttonhole and secured in place by a loop on the underneath side.  These days however the loop isn’t generally there and the buttonhole is  mostly for show or placement and the boutonnière is secured by a pin or two.
The origins of the boutonniere date back to the 16th century, initially, the purpose of wearing a boutonniere was to ward off bad luck or evil spirits.  As time went on they became a fashionable statement that was perceived as masculine, think back to Clark Gable or Cary Grant, need we explain more? These days boutonnières are worn during a more formal event rather than on a daily basis, like to a wedding or a prom.
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The Corsage
A corsage was originally referred to as the bodice of a woman's dress. A bouquet of flowers was often worn in the center of the bodice and therefore the flowers took on the name "corsage."   The word corsage is French, "bouquet de corsage" which means "a bouquet of the bodice."  It could have been worn anywhere in the bust area generally meaning it could be tucked into the chest area of a woman's gown.  The corsage has been worn throughout the years as a sign of respect and praise to the recipient.
The placement of the flowers and the size may have changed but the name is still used and generally refers to any small bouquet of flowers worn on the body.  Usually the left wrist or the left shoulder area. 

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