Monday, August 15, 2011

Want a smaller catering bill?

We all know that a wedding reception is going to cost you!  here are some  helpful tips on how to cut that catering bill down so it doesn't take such a bite out of your budget!
Stay away from seafood…Seafood unfortunately tends to be on the pricey side so sticking with chicken, pork or beef will help keep costs lower.
Try offering less options…The more choices you offer your guests the more money you will have to shell out.  Keep it simple, offer two options, like chicken or beef.  You could also eliminate that and just serve one thing, but keep in mind there  could be some vegetarians coming so make sure they have something to eat as well.
Choose different desserts…Instead of the traditional large wedding cake do a small cake to cut and then have a dessert bar (becoming more and more popular).  Fill the dessert bar with cookies, brownies and cupcakes or even fresh fruits.  Wedding cakes are way more expensive than a dessert bar!
Try negotiating…Don’t be afraid to be aggressive!  Ask questions, who knows you and the caterer may be able to come up with a great solution to fit your budget and still have all the right options.  Honesty and curiosity can be a great combination!
Time of day…This can also affect the bottom line when it  comes to prices.  An evening wedding can be more expensive to cater than a midday wedding.  Simply because of the types of food served. Tea sandwiches are less expensive than beef bourguignon or maybe you can have pancakes…yum!
Cocktail hour…Trying to keep this to a minimum is easy!  Set a time frame for an open bar.  Give them 1 hour to live it up and after that they pay for their own drinks.  Or just don't serve alcohol…easy peasy!
So as you can see there are ways around the large catering bill that you have nightmares about.  Just sit down and think of the ways that will suit your wedding and help you cut your costs!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Out of town guest baskets..

This isn’t the most commonly done courtesy at weddings however it can be very helpful to those guests that are out of town and have never been to the area before.  Here are a ideas on things you could include in your basket.guest basket 4
The basket could be designed to relate to the area you live in or are marrying in and the season the wedding will take place.
For instance you could include an itinerary outlining all wedding-related activities.  This way they won’t have to worry about what time what event is taking place.  It will be at their  fingertips.   Give them a contact name and phone number in case anyone has questions.  Just make sure that the person you use is responsible enough to be able to help.
gift basket 5 Pack water bottles and snacks, this way they won’t have to go and foraging to find something, it will already be there waiting.  Some hotels have mini bars and those can be pretty expensive even for a small bottle of water!
Make sure to include a map and some tourist information of the local area.  You should be able to get these at your Chamber of Commerce or the local Town Hall.
If possible try to include some local coupons to places that they could visit.  For example in our area we have a Waterguest basket 3 Country and the Downtown Portsmouth are has tons of things to see and do.   Obviously only choose things that would work for the time of year you are being married.
You could even include a local newspaper too, this would give them a lot of information about the are as well.  Like movie times or for example Portsmouth has the Seacoast Repertory Theater that puts on musicals. The show listings would be in the paper, and we are sure that guests would appreciate that especially if they have never been  to your area.
guest basket 1 Since New Hampshire is Red Sox territory living in this area or the surrounding New England area a small Red Sox memorabilia included would also be a nice touch then they would also have a souvenir. 
There are so many possibilities on what you could include in your out of town guest baskets that its mind boggling!  If you are planning to do this we suggest sitting down and doing some brainstorming.  Write down any and all things about the area you know and if you still want more there is always Google to help you out!  Have fun making baskets!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding traditions around the world part 3…

For our 3rd post on Wedding Traditions around the world we found that Germany had some great ones!  For instance for a German Hochzeit (wedding) friends of the happy couple play small fun pranks on the them.  Like filling their room with balloons or setting dozens of alarm clocks to different times then placing them strategically in their room so they go off and keep them up.
Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner they have what is called a “Polterabend”, this is an informal party with lots of food and drink.  When finished with your plate tradition says you are to break it, the more pieces the better!   It is said that the more pieces you have the more  good luck is brought to the happy couple. 
You could say that a German groom and his friends have a bachelor party of sorts, but they call it “Junggesellenabschied” (yes we agree that’s a mouth full!)  This is where they travel from pub to pub and the grooms friends all take turns buying him a round of drinks, in hopes of getting him sauced!
During the ceremony symbols of good luck are used.  For example, traditionally the bride brings bread and salt with her down the isle to ensure good crops for their family, while the groom brings grain for good fortune.  And when they leave the church afterwards walking on fir boughs is said to bring hope, luck and fertility to them.
After the ceremony the bride usually carries with her a long piece of white ribbon of which is cut and distributed to each guest for them to tie to their antenna.  This will ensure them a safe trip home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning/Brunch Wedding Inspiration Board…

Still trying to decide upon the time of day your wedding will be held?  Ever think of having it in the morning or close to the afternoon?  A morning wedding can be a great time because not as many weddings are held at that time of day. Who knows you may even be able to get a few of your venues a little less expensive since its not a popular time of day! Doesn’t hurt to ask!  Take a look at some of the great ideas in this Morning/Brunch Inspiration Board below.  Even a wedding at this hour can be absolutely stunning and not to mention scrumptious!
Morning Wedding Brunch Inspiration Board
Does this inspire you to have a morning wedding?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warm Summery Gold Inspiration Board…

Summer doesn’t have to mean bright vibrant colors, yes by all means those colors do emphasize what summer is about, however summer can also be warm and inviting and luscious.  Take out Warm Summery Gold Inspiration Board for instance, look at how warm and inviting these colors are and how much richness they exude!  Gorgeous for a warm summer evening wedding in a luxurious night setting!  Does this inspire you?
Summery Gold Inspiration Board

Monday, August 8, 2011

History of the Boutonnière and the Corsage…

So we all know that these are a staple in almost any wedding no matter the day and age and sometimes no matter where.  The question is do we know why?  What is the meaning behind wearing them?  Well we did our research and found out just what those answers are here is what we came up with.
The Boutonnière
This is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud on the lapel of their jackets. The word comes from the French word for buttonhole, and buttonhole is what the British term is.
It has been traditionally worn on the left lapel of a mans suit jacket just at the buttonhole.  It used to be that the stem of the flower was pushed through the buttonhole and secured in place by a loop on the underneath side.  These days however the loop isn’t generally there and the buttonhole is  mostly for show or placement and the boutonnière is secured by a pin or two.
The origins of the boutonniere date back to the 16th century, initially, the purpose of wearing a boutonniere was to ward off bad luck or evil spirits.  As time went on they became a fashionable statement that was perceived as masculine, think back to Clark Gable or Cary Grant, need we explain more? These days boutonnières are worn during a more formal event rather than on a daily basis, like to a wedding or a prom.
imagesCALOMABN imagesCA60H7JV
The Corsage
A corsage was originally referred to as the bodice of a woman's dress. A bouquet of flowers was often worn in the center of the bodice and therefore the flowers took on the name "corsage."   The word corsage is French, "bouquet de corsage" which means "a bouquet of the bodice."  It could have been worn anywhere in the bust area generally meaning it could be tucked into the chest area of a woman's gown.  The corsage has been worn throughout the years as a sign of respect and praise to the recipient.
The placement of the flowers and the size may have changed but the name is still used and generally refers to any small bouquet of flowers worn on the body.  Usually the left wrist or the left shoulder area. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Save the Dates…

We came across a great blog named “The Truly Engaging Wedding Blog” who had a piece on save the dates and we thought it was a great idea.  Are save the dates necessary and a few other questions along with answers to them:
1) Do you have to send save the dates?Our Wedding Day Mark Your Calendar Necklace (tm) - personalized sterling silver necklace with pearl
To answer that question…NO!  These are not a necessary item or a must have.  However…they can be helpful!  For instance if you are planning a wedding during busy vacation times like the summer or around a holiday, you may want to send them.  Just make sure that you plan accordingly to give people ample time to prepare.
2) When should the save the dates go out?Ravishing Script Save the Date Sample in Black and White on Pearl Shimmer Luxury Cardstock
We think a good time is any where between 6-12 months beforehand.  The sooner you send them out the easier it will be for out of town guests to make arraignments and any other guests for that matter.
3) What is on the save the date?STELLA Save the Date Sample
You should include the basics, names, date and location.  Plus you might want to include any info that would be necessary for example, phone numbers for accommodations etc.
4) Who gets a save the date? il_570xN_160484061
The only people that should get one are the people you are inviting to the wedding.  You wouldn't want someone who will not be invited to get one, then they and you would feel bad afterwards if they are not invited.
5) Should it match the invitations?il_570xN_253028637
This we feel is a personal choice, there are no “invitation police” that will come after you if it doesn't match.  If you choose to match that's fine and if not that's fine too.  This is really a personal preference choice.

So you decide, save the dates or no save the dates?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Style Part 3…

The third post of our Wedding Style pieces is “Fun and Modern”,  traditional weddings are still the norm however sometimes its nice to see some new and different twists to things.  Take a look at some of the things we found that we felt fit this category perfectly.  Some fun things with a modern twist!
fun and flirty inspiration board

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun and Flirty Inspiration Board…

Who says that a wedding gown and accessories need to be strictly glamorous  or sophisticated?  Who says it can’t be just fun and flirty?  Maybe you are getting married on the beach or having a small backyard just family wedding.  Well we have just the look for you, this Fun and Flirty Inspiration Board should give you the idea, take a look.  Does this inspire you?
fun and flirty  inspiration

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ocean Blue Inspiration Board…

Since summer is still upon us for at least one more month, we thought that we would bring you a little bit of the ocean today!  What a gorgeous color ocean blue is and how inspiring it was to create this beautiful inspiration board.  There are so many summer weddings with a beach/ocean theme its easy to get inspired by the serenity!  See for yourself!  Does this inspire you?

ocean blue inspiration board

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monique L’huillier Trunk Show…

   We're glowing from pride - not just this summer heat! We are so proud to announce we were recently chosen as one of the 50 best independent wedding salons in the country by BRIDES magazine. We were also selected by the readers of the NH Magazine's Bride to receive the "Best of Bride" award for 2011. Thank you!!

Upcoming Trunk Show



August 11, 12 & 13th 

ML photoml photo 2


We are offering 15% off your Monique L’huillier 

gown purchase during the trunk show. 

Call now as appointments are filling up quickly!


August Designer of the Month…

This months designer choice is the stunning and elegant Monique L’huillier!  No bride can go wrong if she chooses one of Monique’s gorgeous pieces.  This season seems to have lots of ruffles, sheers, laces corsets, ruching and full skirts with 3D flowers. See for yourself:
DOM Monique Lhuiller
Don’t forget our Monique L’huillier trunk show on August 12th and 13th! 


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