Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding traditions around the world…

We all know the sort of traditions that occur at weddings throughout the US.  For example the garter and bouquet toss (as mentioned in a previous post) or even the dreaded Chicken Dance (we love to hate it but secretly love it anyway…right?)!  What about other place sin the world?  What sort of traditions do they have? 

Check out what we discovered about Italy:

Wedding festivities in Italy usually start in the morning and generally on Sundays.  they feel having your wedding (according to folklore) will bring the happy couple lots of  bad luck, so Sundays are the day for nuptials or as they say “la cerimonia nuziale”.  There are no limousines or horse drawn carriages trekking them to the churches instead the bride and groom along with guests, family and friends walk to their destinations.  Having towns people throw things in their pathways to bring them a fruitful life. 

After the ceremony the couple will shatter a vase and see how many pieces it breaks into.  They say that the amount of pieces it has broken into is how many years the couple will be happy!

As for the food, they roast a pig or a lamb and serve it with Marsala wine and Grappa (a strong Italian Liqueur).  For dessert, fried dough formed in the shape of bowties and sprinkled with powdered sugar, they also serve sugar covered almonds, to represent the bitter sweet things in life.

Gifts are a different story, there are no traditional gifts like toasters or linens  that were registered for, instead the guests bring cash, yes cash.  They place this cash in a satin bag called a “la borsa” and present it to the bride and groom, sort of like a dowry.

There is lots of dancing to be had, it is said that a traditional dance they do is called the “tarantella” meaning tarantula.  The legend behind this dance is that a woman was apparently bitten by a poisonous tarantula and cured herself by “shaking her booty” on the dance floor!

All in all it sounds like they throw a heck of a celebration and have a fantastic time!

This is part one of a four part series, come back and see what country is next!

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