Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Combinations…

You have the gown so now its time to start thinking accessories…jewelry to be exact.  Sometimes choosing the right pieces can be tedious and time consuming, so we put together a small “what works” list for you.  Hopefully this will help you along in the process. 


something that has multiple strands, pearls maybe?  Or something with a wide band like a collar style that will cover a little more are.  Try wearing smaller stud earrings if that’s the case.


A great chain necklace with a gorgeous crystal drop pendant and maybe even something with a splash of color depending upon your wedding color choices.  Wear some longer delicate earrings and you have a great match.

One Shoulder

If you do a necklace make it simple and fine, on the delicate side.  You can always make a dramatic statement with a fabulous cuff bracelet and some chandelier or drop earrings.

Take a look at some of the things we found scouring the internet and the magazines, these are some absolutely gorgeous items.


jewelry splash

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