Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garters and Bouquets…

Where did this tradition come from and why?

Well it is believed that tossing the bouquet and garter was a tradition from the early 14th century in France. a l i c e  ivory lace garter It was said that it was good luck to receive a piece of the clothing the bride wore.  Even though they were probably never going to wear the gown again brides took offence to their gowns being torn and dispersed, which was the custom.  Usually done during the recessional after the ceremony while she was still in it!  It’s no wonder they took offence!  So the idea of throwing personal items like the bouquet and garter came about, this way the guests of the wedding had something that was personal from the bride and would still bring them good luck.  Some of the men believed that if they gave this article to their betrothed it would ensure a happy and fruitful life together. 

This is a tradition that is still carried out to this day.  So if this is a tradition you enjoy get all those unmarried ladies and gentlemen out onto the dance floor and start tossing!

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