Friday, July 1, 2011

Bridesmaid Luncheon…

  What is a bridesmaid's luncheon?  This is a party thrown in honor of the bridesmaids and sometimes called a “bridal tea”.  This is something generally hosted by the bride and her mother as a way of saying thank you for sharing in my big day.  Usually this is when the bride presents the girls with thank you cards and gifts.  This also gives the girls a chance to get to know one another incase they don’t already.  Some out of town bridesmaids may have never met your cousins or best friend from high school. 

  Historically this was strictly an afternoon event given the day before the wedding, where all parties involved joined and had lunch and tea, thus the name “bridal tea”, which over the years became known as the “bridesmaids luncheon”.  today however it can be given at any point day or night and as far ahead as you wish.  Where to have this is entirely up to you and your budget.  Keep in mind when planning how lavish or low key you want it to be, and where it would take place. 

  This luncheon could be as simple as a DIY mani/pedi party to a posh event at a ritzy hotel.  No matter how much you spend or where you have it just remember its all in fun and for thanking those close to you!

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