Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The necessity of a bustle on your gown…

It’s necessary  to take that beautiful, dramatic and long train and make it practical so that at your reception its much more manageable.   By all means keep this gorgeous train down and as luxurious for as long as possible, but by the time you get to your reception you will most definitely want it up and out of the way.  This will give you the ease of dancing like Ginger Rogers with your groom or getting down and doing a line dance like the Macarena with the rest of the wedding party.  Here we have listed some of the bustle types that are available:

  • Over Bustle - created by gathering the train andover  bustle attaching it to various places at the top of the skirt generally around the waistline. The multiple  pick-ups create an elegant look for very full ball gown skirts or cathedral length trains, but also look very nice on slim gowns that have small sweep trains.

  • Under Bustle (or French Bustle) – this is created by under bustle gathering the train in various places and attaching it "under" the skirt which creates single or double fold down the back of the skirt depending upon how many ribbons you have to use to bring it up.

  • Random Bustle - the train is gathered and fastenedrandom bustle elegantly down the back of the gown in random places until the train hem is even all the way around the gown.  This creates a very unique look and is usually something you would create on a very long train.

  • Ballroom Bustle - created by fastening the train atballroombustle4 hidden  attachment points until the hem is the same distance from the floor all the way around and appears to have no train. This look is ideal for brides who want to maintain a sleek and smooth silhouette.


    No matter which bustle style you choose for your gown all are made to give you east of movement and to help keep the hem from either getting really dirty (some dirt is to be expected) and to keep the hem from getting too tattered from brushing across the floor.  It will also give the back of your gown a different dramatic look with it up, also a great photo op!  When meeting with your seamstress be sure to ask questions about the process or what type they feel is best suited to the gown you have.


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