Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mint Green, Lemon Yellow and Teal Blue Inspiration Board…

Yes we know that seems like an interesting combination, but trust us, it is simply gorgeous all put together!  See for yourself in the inspiration board we put together.

mint green lemon yellow dark teal inspiration board

Even though on a daily basis you wouldn’t think to put these colors together, they definitely compliment each other very nicely when done just right!  Does this inspire you?

The necessity of a bustle on your gown…

It’s necessary  to take that beautiful, dramatic and long train and make it practical so that at your reception its much more manageable.   By all means keep this gorgeous train down and as luxurious for as long as possible, but by the time you get to your reception you will most definitely want it up and out of the way.  This will give you the ease of dancing like Ginger Rogers with your groom or getting down and doing a line dance like the Macarena with the rest of the wedding party.  Here we have listed some of the bustle types that are available:

  • Over Bustle - created by gathering the train andover  bustle attaching it to various places at the top of the skirt generally around the waistline. The multiple  pick-ups create an elegant look for very full ball gown skirts or cathedral length trains, but also look very nice on slim gowns that have small sweep trains.

  • Under Bustle (or French Bustle) – this is created by under bustle gathering the train in various places and attaching it "under" the skirt which creates single or double fold down the back of the skirt depending upon how many ribbons you have to use to bring it up.

  • Random Bustle - the train is gathered and fastenedrandom bustle elegantly down the back of the gown in random places until the train hem is even all the way around the gown.  This creates a very unique look and is usually something you would create on a very long train.

  • Ballroom Bustle - created by fastening the train atballroombustle4 hidden  attachment points until the hem is the same distance from the floor all the way around and appears to have no train. This look is ideal for brides who want to maintain a sleek and smooth silhouette.


    No matter which bustle style you choose for your gown all are made to give you east of movement and to help keep the hem from either getting really dirty (some dirt is to be expected) and to keep the hem from getting too tattered from brushing across the floor.  It will also give the back of your gown a different dramatic look with it up, also a great photo op!  When meeting with your seamstress be sure to ask questions about the process or what type they feel is best suited to the gown you have.


  • Gorgeous hairstyles…

    For that perfect up do!  Take a look at these amazing hairstyles you could achieve to go with that perfect wedding gown you chose.  They are just breathtakingly stunning…don’t you think?

    perfect updos

    If you haven’t purchased your gown yet, any of these hairstyles would go wonderfully with some of the beautiful gowns we have here in the store.  Call and make your appointment to day and don’t forget our upcoming trunk show with Watters & Watters on June 3rd and 4th.


    The wedding countdown basics…

    12 months before:

    -Decide on a budget and who will be paying for what.

    -Think about what style you want, the size, date and other look at gowns styles to get the feel of what you are looking for.

    -Hire a wedding planner (if intended).

    -Mail your save-the-dates!171546_498127654577_102455409577_5814132_8356279_o

    10 Months before:

    -Select and book your Officiant.

    -choose your attendants and decide upon the guest list.

    -Order your gown!

    -Look into a caterer, DJ, florist and photographer.

    8 Months before: 8514

    -Create a wedding website where family and friends can see any wedding updates or important information.

    -Start looking at Bridesmaids gowns.

    -Begin the search for that perfect wedding invitation suite.

    6 Months before:

    -Order those perfect invitations you already scouted out and selected.imagesCATTBOIO

    -Get all bridesmaids orders in so they are here in time for the girls to have alterations if need be.

    -Register for gifts and think about booking that honeymoon to that far away place you have been dreaming of.chris-plus-lynn-junebug-weddings-256

    4 Months before:

    -Start deciding on menswear

    -Schedule the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

    -Mail out the invitations (they should be in be this time).

    2 Months before: diy-designer-program-fan-kit-150

    -Do a hair and make up trial to see if that look you wanted to achieve will work.

    -Check into the marriage license and all that pertains to it.

    -Order or make your favors.

    6 Weeks before:

    -Print your programs or make sure that you have  them from the printer.

    -Buy wedding party gifts for the attendants men and women alike.

    -Write your vows if you are doing that or at least decide what vows you are using.

    -Send out your wedding announcement to the papers so anyone and everyone can see.

    2 Weeks before:

    -Have a sit down with your photographer about what you want specifically done and what you don’t imagesCA3SCE5Twant done.

    -Go for a final gown fitting to ensure all is perfect!

    -Break in your shoes!!!  You want to make sure that you are super comfy that day you will be on your feet a lot!

    1 Week before:

    -Confirm with all of your vendors to ensure that all is set and ready to go.

    -Give out final chores that may need done.

    The day before:

    -Go for a mani/pedi with the girls and enjoy it!

    -Go to the rehearsals and relax knowing all is set and ready.

    The day of:



    Monday, May 23, 2011


    There are so many different options out there for wedding invitations, it makes it almost impossible to go wrong in what you choose.  We scoured the web for some great invitation ideas, take a look at some of these stunning invitation suites to give you some inspiration.

    invitation suites

    With such a wide variety out there it may seem a bit daunting when you first set out to do invitations, your best bet is to sit back and do some brainstorming first.  Think about what type of wedding you are having, where it is, the colors or maybe there is a theme.  Write down as much information pertaining to your wedding and wedding day or even wedding weekend that could be helpful.  Take a stroll through the internet to see what is out there.  Ask friends who have recently been married who they used or do a search in your area to see what stationers are around and check on their reviews.  In no time at all you will have just what you are looking for and the perfect invitation suite to suit you and your wedding!


    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Summer wedding favors…

    Summer is soon to be upon us (we hope) so we thought a nice summery post about some great summer wedding favors would help get us in the mood.  Take a look at some of the scrumptious, beautiful and even eco friendly summer wedding favors that you could use at your wedding. 


    summer favor collage

    Starting at the top left:

    1-Custom water mini-bottle labels

    2-Colored paper fans

    3-Potted Evergreens


    5-Mini-Potted flower seeds

    6-Personalized Program fans

    7-Personalized Soda bottles

    8-Mini-birdseed feeder

    9-Cookie boxes with a written/printed endearment

    10-Cupcake in a jar

    Get your girl friends together because some of these favors are great DIY projects that you could attempt yourself.  Make it a party and have fun!


    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Great ways to make your bridesmaids happy…

    We all know that being a bridesmaid in a wedding is a great honor, but it can also be a little nerve racking.  Keep in mind these girls aren’t  wedding vendors they are tried and true friends.  Here are some great tips to keep your girls happy while shopping for that perfect bridesmaids dress and throughout the whole process.

    Try shopping for short gowns or gowns that could be  Shot08_3120-073cut short.  A knee length cocktail dress is surely to be worn again at a work party or a semi formal party.

    Choose a darker hue (depending upon the time of year), darker hues are easier to pull off for other types of events.  They also tend to be a little easier to accessorize, add a little sparkle here and there and you’re all set.

    Choose something that's comfy!  Make sure the  dress you choose is something that will flatter all of the body types in your party.  You could even let Monique-lhuillier-300x450them choose their own dress under guidelines of your choosing, for example, designer, length, color and fabric.

    Look for the newest trends, see what’s out there or go for a timeless look that won’t ever disappear.  This could ensure that they will be able to get multiple uses out of it.

    Keep the budget on the lower end (unless they are ok with higher ticket prices), this will help in the process of keeping their costs down.  You could also let them know that they shouldn't feel pressured to give you an extravagant shower gift, you understand that they are already shelling out money for other things for the big day.

    Try not to give them too outrageous of a to do list, keep it to a minimum especially if you have several5105 bridesmaids.  Split the list equally among them.

    One of the main things to remember is communication…always make sure that you are communicating with them and vice versa, this way there shouldn’t be any slip ups. 

    The most important thing to remember is that this is a celebration and you should all be having fun!



    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Deep Raspberry Inspiration Board…


    What a fabulously rich color!!  We can’t tell you how gorgeous this color is it is something you have to see for yourself.  Just stunning…does this inspire  you?


    Raspberry Inspiration Board

    Are these not just delectable?  There are so many things you can do with this color and so many different hues to choose from.

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Year Round Flowers…

    Some of the most beautiful flowers are year round flowers, which makes it easy for you to use them in your wedding.  For example the Calla Lily, one very timeless flower that is widely used, or the Rose of which is also a timeless flower used more often than not.  How about trying something a little different like the Gardenia or Stephanotis?  Take a look at some of the beautiful pieces made from these flowers.


    Calla Lily





    It doesn’t matter which of these gorgeous flowers you choose you can’t go wrong, all of them are just stunning in their own right.  What flowers are you choosing?

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Most frequently asked questions when buying…

    Being in the bridal business we are asked all the time lots of different questions.  We thought it was a good idea to share with you some of those questions and their corresponding answers.  You may find some answers to questions you wanted to ask but haven’t and you may find answers to questions you didn’t realize  you needed to know.  Read on to see:

    When is the best time to start shopping for my bridal gown?23510_1273969063762_1666006794_655436_924626_n

    It’s best to give yourself 9-12 months in advance, gowns can take anywhere from 6-8 months to arrive.  You want to make  sure that you give yourself enough time to find that perfect dress and then once its in have enough time to have it altered.

    There are so many to choose from, how do I go about finding what I like?

    The best way to find what you like is to start your shopping 23510_1273969463772_1666006794_655444_1300870_n before you shop, start searching through magazines and designers websites for styles that you prefer.  Then when you come in for your appointment you will have a better idea of what you are looking for.  You may be surprised that the style you picked isn’t as flattering as you thought, your consultant is also there to help you.  keep in mind she is very knowledgeable about not only our inventory but what looks good on all sorts of body types. 

    What is a trunk show?

    A trunk show is where the designers sends all or most of their  collection (usually the most recent one) to the store.  Most stores are not able to have every single dress from every single designer in their store, so this gives brides an opportunity to see gowns that might not otherwise be there.

    Am I able to purchase everything I will need from your salon?23510_1273973183865_1666006794_655478_5088547_n

    Yes, is the answer to this question.  We are a full service salon, you are able to purchase your bridal gown and everything that you would need to wear with it.  We are also able to help you with mothers gowns, bridesmaids and flower girls. 

    Our sister store Soiree Prom and Tux is also available to help you with any tuxedo needs you may have. Call with any questions 603-427-6888.

    Can I get a swatch of my gown to match colors to?

    Yes you are able to get a swatch of your gown, mothers gowns and bridesmaids, However there are a few designers that do not do swatches so keep that in mind as well.  They usually take about 2-3 weeks to arrive after we order them and do not cost you anything, they are a courtesy for your purchase.

    Do you provide alteration services?23510_1273972503848_1666006794_655463_3301601_n

    Yes we do provide alteration services, but are only able to service gowns that were purchased here for liability purposes.  If need be we do have seamstress referral list that we can send you if you need.

    Do you preserve or clean gowns or know of anyone that does?

    We do offer a gown preserving service through the salon, they will clean and preserve the gown for you and ship it directly back to the location you specify.  For more details on that please call the store, 603-431-5454.

    Is it best that I order my bridesmaids all at the same time?23510_1273972783855_1666006794_655468_8367007_n

    We HIGHLY recommend this!  To ensure that your bridesmaids are cut from the same bolt of fabric for dye lot purposes, yes you should order them all at the same time.  You don’t however have to all be present to do so, they are able to call in their measurements over the phone and a consultant on our end will be more than happy to guide them towards an appropriate size according to the designers size chart. 

    Does formal wear run the same as street wear?

    NO formal wear runs very differently than the street wear you would purchase at a normal department store.  They will run anywhere from 2-3 sizes different.  For example if you are normally a size 8 it is not uncommon to be in a size 12 in formal wear.   We use the designers size charts to help you determine where you should be and every designer has their own chart, so it is also possible that you could wear different sizes in different designers.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Bridal Party 101…the men…

    We certainly can’t forget the me in the bridal parties, no they may not take as much prep as the women but they are still just as important and there are things you should keep in mind.   Brushing up on your tuxedo terms before heading out shopping.  This will help you in the decision making and you will have a better understanding of what your tuxedo consultant is referring to when they say a notch lapel or shawl?

    We feel that the grooms men should dress around the groom, making him the focal point of the men just as the bride is the focal point for the women (well for the whole wedding really!) Going for consistency is always a good choice, but make sure to give the groom something a little different to set him apart, like a special boutonniere or a vest and tie that matches the bride, even fancy cufflinks!

    Even though a tuxedo is the classic choice for weddings think about your other options, base what they wear on where your wedding will be taking place.  The beach?  Maybe a navy suit coat and khaki pants would be appropriate.  Something more formal during the morning?  Go for a traditional Cutaway for the groom and a Stroller for the groomsmen.

    One thing to always consider is whether you should just rent or purchase?  If you don’t feel you would wear a tuxedo very often then buying one would probably not be the best way to go, but if you wear one 3-4 times a year buying is probably a better way to go.  After wearing it that many times you will have paid for it! 

    Just keep these little tidbits in mind while tuxedo shopping.  For any more information please call our sister store Soiree Prom and Tux, they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to tuxedos!  603-427-6888


    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Essense of Australia…

    We would like to invite you to attend a First Time Preview Event of the 2012 Essense of Australia and Martina Liana new bridal gown collection.  The gowns are available to view one weekend only!  you will be the first to see, the first to choose, and the first to wear these captivating gowns.  To celebrate this event, Essense of Australia Designer Leanne will be in attendance to assist you in selecting your dream gown.  If there are specific gowns that you wish to try on please call the store to insure they will be at the event.  Special purchasing incentives will apply for this preview event, so please bring someone whose opinion you strongly value.  Space is limited, so please book your appointment now!



    Call us at 603-431-5454 for your appointment!

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Emerald Green Inspiration Board…

    We could not resist making an Inspiration Board from the gorgeous Emerald Green color by Jenny Yoo!  It truly was inspirational…its so rich and  vibrant in color.  It just brought a smile to our faces and we hoped to share that smile with you!  What do you think?  Does this inspire you?

    Emerald Green Inspiration Board

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    May Designer of the Month…

    Our designer for the Month of May will be Watters & Watters, not only do they make wonderful bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses and mothers from the Collection 20 but they have FABULOUS wedding gowns as well!  Take a look at the few we below:

    watters DOM

    See what we mean about being fabulous!  Come in and take a look at them in person, they are even better!

    Best Bridals between $3000-$5000…

    This is our last post for the best of the best and today’s budget is between $3000-$5000.  These gowns are just spectacular and breathtaking and they are worth every penny they cost!  Which do you find the best buy for the price?

    b of br 3k to 5k

    This is our last post for best of the best…we are so excited to share our top picks with you!!  Next week can’t come soon enough!  Keep your eyes open!


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