Monday, April 25, 2011

8 Wedding Cake Myths…

We were reading through the Knot Magazine this weekend and came across a great article on Wedding Cake Myths (Spring/Summer 2011 issue) and thought that was a great topic for a blog post.  There are so many things out there running through the rumor mill that are really just “myths”! 

Here are 8 myths that are so not true!

1) Wedding cake is vanilla and boring!

Definitely NOT the case!  From mascarpone and red velvet to blackberry and orange-chocolate, there is most definitely allot of flavor out there!  You only have to do you research and look and decide what it is that YOU want!

2) Wedding cakes should be round!

NOT true at all, there are so many different shapes for cakes these days you would be shocked if you saw them all.  Try having the cake suited to your wedding style or just go for something totally fun!

3) Cakes terms are confusing!

This myth is only confusing if you don't know what the components are.  There are you standard basics like these:

- Butter Cream (butter and sugar)

-Fondant (syrup, gelatin and sugar)

-Marzipan (almond past, sugar and egg whites)

-Ganache (chocolate and cream)

Easy once  you understand what they are or what is in them!

4) Fondant tastes terrible and Butter Cream is messy!

Ok so maybe fondant alone is not so tasty and butter  cream can be difficult…but when put together they are a dream!  Bakers usually add a layer of butter cream to the cake and then add the fondant for a smooth look.  Once this is done they compliment each other very nicely!

5) You need to have a cake topper!

Alright so in years past (and still widely used today) a cake topper was the “in” thing.  Today however it is not such a necessity.  With the amazing cakes today that can be considered a piece of art they don’t need a decoration to cover them up, they are decoration enough alone!

6) The perfect cake should look like a cake in a magazine!

Yes your cake should be amazing and perfect, but keep in mind that the cakes in the magazines have been photoshopped!  When shopping and searching for a cake baker…ask questions and look at their portfolios.  This way you will know more about your prospective baker.

7) Wedding cake is cut after dinner!wedding-cakes

Traditionally speaking yes, but in this  day and age how traditional are we?  Our thoughts are that if you cut the cake earlier on you can have a dessert table for the guests with lots of goodies for them to choose from at their leisure.  This leaves you more time for partying!

8) Booking your baker is one of the last items on your “to do list”!

We say DON”T wait!  Especially if you have a popular cake designer/baker in mind.  You will want to ensure that your placement on their schedule so don’t make it on the bottom of that “to do list”!


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