Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What are the signs of a $4000 gown and up…

We know this is a question that most people are curious of but have probably not asked.  Well we figured we might as well help you with the answer. 

A $4000 gown and up can be determined by these attributes:

-Natural fabrics (silks, cottons, etc.)

-Not a bright white color…where as they are made of natural fabrics they will have an ivory hue to them.

-The quality of the fabric!  The feel, the touch the OOOO that MUST be silk!

- An impeccable fit that  contours the female form to a “T”!  Pattern & construction, they tend to have a little more of a tailored look to them.

-A small seam allowance along the inside of the dress that makes for less bulk on the outside.

-Higher end gowns use intricate laces  such as alencon, chantilly, embroidered lace, etc.

-Stunning embellishments that looks like they came from a jeweler.

-Unique attributes that shout “I’m COUTURE” whether it is an architectural element or a whimsical feature like a watteau train, unique flowers or even embellished belts.


A lot of times they will be lighter in weight and naturally hug the body.  The linings will be softer and feel great against the skin and the fabric will naturally fall around the body. These are traits that you won’t be able to see in a photo, they are things that you will need to experience by trying them on.  We would love to show you what we mean, make an appointment to come in and see for yourself. 

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