Monday, March 7, 2011

4 Ways to make a Tux stand out…

We all know that the idea of a tux brings to mind stuffy and boring.  Well we are here to tell you that DOESN’T need to be the case.  A tuxedo does NOT need to be boring and look out-dated.  There are so many different styles and even colors out there this day and age its mind boggling.

You could start with a basic single breasted one-button tuxedo and embellish it with the many different options for accessories there are available.  Go for bold look…changetuxedo ties up the shirt and go with a colored one.  Of if you are a little more on the conservative side but want to have a little edge to it,  go for black and white but use a flashier tie!  Maybe spice it up with fancy cuff links or use a silk self tie 4 in hand or self tie bowtie.  There are so many ways to jazz up a basic tux.

One accessory that isn't really seen but can still give you that little spark of energy is the “tux sock”!  No there is no rule that says you MUST wear black socks.  Be daring…go bold…wear stripes, polka dots or maybe even argyle!  This is an accessory choice that holds an endless amount of options.

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