Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends…

Part 2 of our 2011 Wedding Trends Series has some awesome things if we do say so ourselves!

The first item we have been told has been just a vision at weddings all around are centerpieces that focus on being fun.  Like taking flowers and  putting them into different sized or shaped vases or containers.   Or maybe even using a unique filler in the bottom of a vase, candy isn’t such a bad thing either…its also something that has a dual purpose!  Its a simple yet sophisticated look and not too overly expensive.  Like the ones below.

Our next trend is the Groom’s cake, yes we have discussed that before and we were apparently on the right track…there has been an influx in the amount of Groom’s cakes being seen at weddings.  Below there are just a couple of the variations out there available to you.  Do a little research and see if it will fit into your day.

Our third trend would be a delicious one!  Food stations and by that we are referring to Candy, Hot cocoa, ice cream & toppings and fruit crisps!  All of which could be incorporated into the dessert portion of your reception and eaten along side the cake or just eaten in stride while guests mingle.  No matter which way you choose to go…its a delicious way!  Some of these set ups are just fantastic, take a look for yourself.


Our last 2011 trend for this edition is the non-alcoholic specialty drink.  As we all know not everyone at a wedding will take part in the spirits, so to ensure that they can still have something just as good and tasty a non-alcoholic specialty drink is the route to go.  Like the fabulous looking drinks we found!  YUMMY!!

           Berry-Lemon Sparklers                    Spiced Pomegranate Sparkler

That’s all we have for today’s edition of 2011 Wedding Trends, keep checking back through out the year to see what else we have discovered is being made “trendy”! 

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