Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attendant Gifts…

Friends and family members who agree to be members of your bridal party need to be thanked for their roles in making your wedding day special.  Giving a gift is a great way to emphasize thanks to those people.  they are spending time, money, effort and most of all love as participants in this important day. 

Brides and grooms, who think that bridal party gifts are just money clips for the guys and pearl earrings for the girls are in for a surprise.  Today’s couples are eager to make their expressions of gratitude a more personal statement than in the past.  They are spending time working with gift specialists in a jewelry store or with consultants in places that have helped them create a meaningful gift registry.  Or the bridal consultant who helped them with their gown and tuxedo selection. 

today’s gifts are mementos, tokens of gratitude for the role they play in the bridal party.  the gifts chosen reflect the importance of that role.  While jewelry that can be worn that day remains popular, the range of attendant gifts has broadened to include glassware, barware, silver items like picture frames, dressing accessories, personal items and personalized stationery.  Groomsmen gifts include well made knives, flasks, and key rings.  Rare coins, poker sets, fine leather goods and jewelry items for both maids and groomsmen remain popular.  What ever gift is chosen, the couple should be  reminded to also get a gift for each of the couples prospective parents.  A meaningful gift can mean the world.

Just remember that thanking those who are involved in your wedding is a special and memorable privilege that will last a lifetime in memories!

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