Monday, January 24, 2011

The Grooms Cake…

Ok I think we all remember the “bleeding Armadillo cake” from Steele Magnolias!  Not all grooms cakes will be quite as “interesting” as that, and not all couples will choose to partake in one.  Does anyone know what the purpose of a grooms cake is?  Well grooms cake traditions date back to Victorian England.  The idea quickly spread to the States, especially in the South, it disappeared for a while but is making its way back into the general population.

Some say that the grooms cake started as the top layer of the bride's cake of which was not served to guests. It was instead  placed in a container and drenched in brandy to preserve it for celebration of the couple's first anniversary.  Which is similar to what we do with the top layer of the wedding cake today, except we’re pretty sure that it isn’t generally drenched in brandy, but who knows. 

Others say that it came into being during the nineteenth century and created out of sweet bread as the wedding cake first was, but this was made into much smaller versions.  These were then given to the single female guests  so she could place a slice and place it beneath her pillow at bedtime, then they would dream of their future husbands.  Think it worked?

The groom's cake has always traditionally been purchased for the groom as a gift from his bride, and usually reflects the grooms interests, flavors and such.

This may not be a tradition that is as widely done as it once was but who knows…it could be making a fast and furious appearance back!

(Armadillo Cake image courtesy of Blush and Bashful Bride blog)

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