Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Gown Preservation…

You’ll never own anything as beautiful and symbolic as your wedding gown! Here at Madeleine’s Daughter we offer a special gown preservation service that will takes great pride in caring and preserving your gown as a keepsake or for you. And please know, an overwhelming number of brides do treasure their gowns and preserve them after the ceremony.

A wedding gown must be carefully cleaned before storing. Food and beverage stains, though invisible at first glance, may yellow later on. The hemline is usually soiled and must be cleaned. Many cleaners may offer to pack your gown in a special box, which offers protection from dust in the air.

During this process the gown is placed into position on a full bust form and the sleeves )if any) are stuffed.  It is then fitted carefully into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window.  This chest is then enclosed into a 700lb text shipping carton to ensure no damage could come of it during the shipping process.  This process can take up to 10 weeks by the time it reaches you.

Once the gown is back in your possession it is best to place it in a cool dry place, not in the basement or attic, something like the closet or under the bed. 

Before you trust this special symbol of your wedding day to just anyone, talk with us about cleaning and preserving your wedding gown.

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