Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Wedding Favors…

Dressed-up boxes weddings-favors-boxcookies-0104-l Decorate simple favor boxes with pretty bows and paper cuffs. For a twist, use color photocopies of a fabric—such as a swatch from your bridesmaids’ dresses—to make the cuffs. Fill with bite-size cookies, peanut brittle, lemon drops, or another favorite candy. All information given is for 50 favors, just adjust amount if you need more.

You'll need:

· 50 1⁄4-pound boxes (look for small boxes at craft stores)

· Craft knife and cutting mat

· Metal ruler

· Ten 11- by 17-inch photocopies of fabric swatch or 10 sheets of decorative craft paper

· Double-stick tape

· 50 yards of ribbon (optional)

· 50 small labels with pre-punched holes (optional)

Fill the boxes with the goodie you have decided upon. 

Using a craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat, cut fifty 3- by 10½-inch rectangular bands from color photocopies to make paper cuffs for the boxes. (Look for small boxes at craft stores.)
You may need to adjust the paper cuffs depending upon what size box you get.

Wrap one cuff around each box. Adhere cuff to itself with a small piece of double-stick tape or glue (cuff should be able to slide off box).weddings-favors-wrapbox-0104-l

Tie each box with about 1 yard of ribbon. Write guests’ names or the couple’s names and wedding date on labels, then attach with ribbon.

We got this fabulous DIY idea from Sunset, of which has some other fabulous DIY ideas!

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