Friday, November 5, 2010

Your budget breakdown…

Here is a budget we put together on how much your of budget should be spent on the various things needed for a wedding.  We know there are always small things that arise as time passes but staying within your budget has a huge upside…it means you won’t break the bank!  Our pie chart below shows you where most people spend their budget.   Is yours following suit?

budget pie chart

Tips and tricks to staying with in your budget!

First you need to figure out what your budget is and once you do this you should create a budget worksheet.  Something simple is just as great as an excel spreadsheet.  Get a notebook and keep track of everything and deduct them from your budget amount when ever purchases or rentals are made.

Then you need to set your priorities.  What is it that you need to do first and foremost…in most cases that would be your reception venue and the church.

You then need to book your photographer and/or videographer, these two items also take a good portion of your budget depending upon what you desire to have done.

Next would be our favorite…the wedding gown, bridesmaids, mothers gowns and flower girl dresses. These are the top three things you should take care of before anything else. 

The rest of the items on your budget should fall into place as time passes, just keep in mind that all of those little things like tips to the caterers and bartenders or the stamps for the invitations and thank you cards also count towards your budget and bottom line.  Keeping a good record of what you have to spend and what you are spending is the best way to keep yourself on budget, we say if you don’t need it…don’t buy it!

We hope these tips have been helpful for you even if you only take an idea or two from it. Happy budgeting!

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