Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bridal Gowns…what fabric would you choose?

Below we have pictured some of the fabulous fabrics that get used in the bridal world, where wedding gowns are concerned.  Each fabric comes in a variety of colors and each are special and unique in their own right.  From satin to chiffon each one plays an important part in the shape of a wedding gown.
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1) Satin

Bridal Satin has always been the most commonly used fabric for a bridal gown through out the years.  It has lots of body that allows it to have more stability as it is draped which makes it perfect for almost any style of gown. Satin looks beautiful either plain or embellished with lace, it’s also suitable for semi-formal weddings as well as formal ceremonies.  Like the Fiorella gown by Maggie Sottero.

2) Silk Satin

Silk Satin in the last decade or so has become just a popular a fabric for bridal gowns as poly-satin has, the difference being, it is a natural fabric that is light weight and breathable.
This fabric is very rich and smooth in texture and makes any bridal
gown elegant.  Gorgeous when ruched around the waistline and bodice or used as in the embellishments as in the gorgeous gown by Monique L’huillier named Addison.

3) Silk Shantung

Another fantastic natural fabric that creates an elegant and couture look to any bridal gown. Shantung silk has an uneven, crisp texture and a ribbon-like appearance that makes it perfect for just almost any silhouette.  See for yourself in Alvina Valenta Style #AV9952

4) Silk Organza

Silk Organza is a nice crisp, sheer fabric that can be layered for a full look or used in a single layer for a more streamlined look.  Although it is sheer it is a heavier weight fabric when compared to tulle, it also flows a little more freely.  This is also a natural fabric, take a look at Lazaro gown #LZ3055

5) Silk Taffeta

Silk Taffeta is similar to Silk dupioni, only this fabric does not have the ribbon-like appearance.  This is a nice light weight, breathable fabric that gives any gown a crisp polished or glassy look.   This fabric tends to look beautiful when made into a gown that has a full skirt with box pleats or crisp gathers like the Watters gown Gobi.

6) Chiffon

Soft, sheer, and transparent, chiffon is often layered and popular for gowns that are meant to flow and move with the bride while she walks and dances.  Great for gowns that have a lot of draping  or have that Grecian look to them like the Pronovias gown Abril.

This is a decision that will make or break a style, so which fabric would you choose?

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