Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spirits and Bubbly…

If you are planning to serve liquor at your reception there are a few things to remember as you place your order.
Costs for beverages can either be managed or reach an astronomical high. The prices of champagne, wine, beer and/or hard liquor can vary a great deal but with a little research on brands, quantities and service style, you can contain the costs. A great deal depends on the expectations of your guests and your own personal tastes.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you choose your wedding spirits:

• Champagne Guides

-Brut =extra dry,

-Extra sec or sec =medium dry to medium sweet,
demi sec or doux = sweet to very sweet.

• 750 ml = six flute glasses of champagne and
1500 ml = 12 flutes.
• Budget 2 glasses of champagne per person if wait staff are pouring.
•You can control costs by planning 1 glass per
person, and have it served by waiters from
silver trays.
• Serve champagne at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Sugar Content

  -very dry = 0% sugar

  -2%, medium=3-6%,

  -sweet – 7+%
• Budget two glasses of wine per person per hour.
• Budget ? bottle of wine per person if you are
serving cocktails before / during meal service.
• Unless dictated otherwise by menu choices
and guest preferences, the usual breakdown
of wine to be served is 60% white, 40% red.

Include a mix of light, dark, imported, and nonalcoholic beers.

Factors that will influence quantities served:
• Will you serve wine and beer only or include
specialty drinks?
• Will you have an open bar?
• Will you serve wine with the meal following
cocktails or with no pre meal cocktails?
• Will you serve after dinner liquors?
• Will the bar remain open during dinner?
Other factors to consider:
•You will need one bar for every 40-50 guests.
•You will need one bartender for every 40
• Set up a minimum of 3 glasses per person per

No matter what direction you take with this part of your reception just make sure you do your research and keep with in your budget so things don’t get out of hand.

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