Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gift Registry “Wares”…

Now that you are a bride-to-be, you’ll want to  get serious about adding to your domestic vocabulary. As you begin to explore registry options and settle on the main resource for your
gift registry, here are some terms that you should know.

  • DINNERWARE is a general term for dinner and salad plates, cups and saucers and other pieces of china that are used at individual place settings.
  • HOLLOWARE literally means anything that is hollow. It could be a teapot or a casserole. There are several kinds of holloware. Silver hollowware refers to things like punchbowls, ice buckets and serving pieces. Crystal holloware includes bowls and vases. China holloware should match your china pattern.
  • GIFTWARE is a term that covers a broad range of product offerings. It refers to figurines, décor accessories, boxes, jewelry chests, silver chests, vases and linens.
  • STEMWARE means a “glass or a stem”. It includes all of the sparkling pieces of crystal that have stems – champagne flutes, wine glasses, water glasses, and liqueur glasses.
  • FLATWARE refers to knives, forks, teaspoons and other pieces used at individual place settings. Flatware is available in sterling silver, silverplate, stainless steel, vermeil (which refers to a metal like silver or bronze that has been
  • gilded), and ceramic. Sterling silver is the ultimate in flatware. Its value and beauty increase with time and wear. You will find a wide range of designs in classic, traditional and contemporary design.
    Silverplate, which is silver deposited on a base metal, offers the look and feel of sterling in a variety of patterns and styles at a lower price. Stainless steel flatware is made from  a  combination of steel, chromium and nickel in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Enjoy making your selections!


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