Friday, October 29, 2010

Coral and Taupe Inspiration Board…

We find that this color combination is one of Autumn’s newest color combos and we love it!  Very sweet, warm and cozy feeling.  See what you think, does this inspire you?

Coral and Taupe Inspiration Board

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Out of the ordinary…

Yes a traditional wedding gown is going to be long and flowing to the floor, most likely with a train, but do you have to be traditional?  The answer is “no”, not this day and age!  Just about anything goes…we like to think within reason.  Here are some ideas and styles that are a little less what we would considered traditional and more what we call “out of the ordinary…with style!”

Take a look at the gorgeous gowns we discovered while surfing the web, there are some absolutely fabulous designs out there and then again there are some NOT so fabulous ones too but we don’t need to show you those.




Can’t you just imagine yourself in one of these great short gowns?  Traditional? No, but so scrumptious!  Definitely “out of the ordinary”…with style!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gloves…a thing of the past?

Throughout history people have been wearing gloves, even on their wedding day!  So is this a  tradition that has gone by the way side?  Or is this something that is still holding fast?

You be the judge, here are some great photos from the past that we found while researching this idea.

Jackie Kennedy married September 12th 1953

Bride circa 1960’s

1969 bride

Bride Circa 1970’s

You be the judge and decide whether gloves are for you or not.  Here are a few different styles that can still be found.

Fingerless Lace Glove


Fingerless Satin Glove with a Flower

Short Lace Gloves

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What to expect at your first bridal appointment!

Congratulations on your recent engagement!
Are you ready to find the most meaningful gown you will ever wear? Whether you are looking for glamorous, classical, trendy, fun or sophisticated – we have it all and will help you find your perfect gown.23510_1273973143864_1666006794_655477_5538326_n
Here are a few things to keep in mind in preparing for your first appointment. Please allow for about 1 ½ hours for your first bridal appointment. You’ll be greeted by our front desk  receptionist and asked to fill out a simple bridal registry form before you are escorted to your own private bridal suite. Feel free to bring someone whose opinion you trust and respect, (but we advise limiting your guests, as too many opinions will likely confuse you!) Your gown sets the tone for the entire wedding – but don’t worry - you’re in good hands with us.
Things to think about before your appointment include: the type of silhouette you are looking for, the color and your gown budget. Think about how you want to look and feel on your wedding day such as: traditional, romantic, sexy, 23510_1273969743779_1666006794_655450_3250645_n sophisticated, etc.

This will help your bridal consultant carefully select the best gowns for you to try on. Trust your instincts. You can ask yourselves these three questions:

1) Which gown accentuates my best features?
2) Which gown do I feel the prettiest in?
3) Which gown most fits my personality and style?
Once you’ve found a gown that is everything you’ve imagined, smile and relax – you’ve done it!

You’ve found your perfect guy – now let’s go find that perfect gown!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inspirations in Teal…

Among the colors that are in for this season is the color “Teal”, this color has a wide spectrum of ranges.  We have chosen a nice medium Teal color for our inspiration board today, take a look and see if it inspires you to do something similar.

Teal Inspiration board

Does this inspire your color palette?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just in…

Take a look at the gorgeous gown that just arrived in the store this week!  SOOOO beautiful! 


Admired by Kenneth Pool

This gown is in Royal Duchess Satin with a slight v-neckline, beaded straps, a ruched bodice and a drop waist leading into the skirt.  Just imagine how great this will look on you, even better don’t imagine it just come in and see for yourself.  Give us a call at 603-431-5454 to make an appointment.

We also received Amour by Kenneth Pool this week too, check it out below:

amour This is a strapless tulle A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline that has an intricate jewel-encrusted belt at the natural waist leading into the soft tulle skirt.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gift Registry “Wares”…

Now that you are a bride-to-be, you’ll want to  get serious about adding to your domestic vocabulary. As you begin to explore registry options and settle on the main resource for your
gift registry, here are some terms that you should know.

  • DINNERWARE is a general term for dinner and salad plates, cups and saucers and other pieces of china that are used at individual place settings.
  • HOLLOWARE literally means anything that is hollow. It could be a teapot or a casserole. There are several kinds of holloware. Silver hollowware refers to things like punchbowls, ice buckets and serving pieces. Crystal holloware includes bowls and vases. China holloware should match your china pattern.
  • GIFTWARE is a term that covers a broad range of product offerings. It refers to figurines, d├ęcor accessories, boxes, jewelry chests, silver chests, vases and linens.
  • STEMWARE means a “glass or a stem”. It includes all of the sparkling pieces of crystal that have stems – champagne flutes, wine glasses, water glasses, and liqueur glasses.
  • FLATWARE refers to knives, forks, teaspoons and other pieces used at individual place settings. Flatware is available in sterling silver, silverplate, stainless steel, vermeil (which refers to a metal like silver or bronze that has been
  • gilded), and ceramic. Sterling silver is the ultimate in flatware. Its value and beauty increase with time and wear. You will find a wide range of designs in classic, traditional and contemporary design.
    Silverplate, which is silver deposited on a base metal, offers the look and feel of sterling in a variety of patterns and styles at a lower price. Stainless steel flatware is made from  a  combination of steel, chromium and nickel in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Enjoy making your selections!


Thursday, October 7, 2010


We are having our annual bridesmaids sale October 9th through November 13th.  Order your bridesmaids within that time frame and receive 20% off your bridesmaid order.  Call the store for more details! 603-431-5454



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spirits and Bubbly…

If you are planning to serve liquor at your reception there are a few things to remember as you place your order.
Costs for beverages can either be managed or reach an astronomical high. The prices of champagne, wine, beer and/or hard liquor can vary a great deal but with a little research on brands, quantities and service style, you can contain the costs. A great deal depends on the expectations of your guests and your own personal tastes.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you choose your wedding spirits:

• Champagne Guides

-Brut =extra dry,

-Extra sec or sec =medium dry to medium sweet,
demi sec or doux = sweet to very sweet.

• 750 ml = six flute glasses of champagne and
1500 ml = 12 flutes.
• Budget 2 glasses of champagne per person if wait staff are pouring.
•You can control costs by planning 1 glass per
person, and have it served by waiters from
silver trays.
• Serve champagne at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Sugar Content

  -very dry = 0% sugar

  -2%, medium=3-6%,

  -sweet – 7+%
• Budget two glasses of wine per person per hour.
• Budget ? bottle of wine per person if you are
serving cocktails before / during meal service.
• Unless dictated otherwise by menu choices
and guest preferences, the usual breakdown
of wine to be served is 60% white, 40% red.

Include a mix of light, dark, imported, and nonalcoholic beers.

Factors that will influence quantities served:
• Will you serve wine and beer only or include
specialty drinks?
• Will you have an open bar?
• Will you serve wine with the meal following
cocktails or with no pre meal cocktails?
• Will you serve after dinner liquors?
• Will the bar remain open during dinner?
Other factors to consider:
•You will need one bar for every 40-50 guests.
•You will need one bartender for every 40
• Set up a minimum of 3 glasses per person per

No matter what direction you take with this part of your reception just make sure you do your research and keep with in your budget so things don’t get out of hand. Tags: ,

Friday, October 1, 2010

History of the Veil…

Not all brides wear a veil but we thought everyone would find these bits of information interesting.  Enjoy!

    Veils have been used to symbolize many things throughout history and culture.  Brides wear veils for various reasons including traditional, religious or fashion ones.


  • It has been said that it covers a wife's horns - she is not supposed to be evil on her wedding day!  (A bride evil?  Never heard of that!)
  • It is also said to be worn because many marriages were arranged and they did not want the groom to run away if the bride was too ugly. The groom had often not seen his bride before the big day.
  • The veil is worn to tempt the groom, the bride's face is not visible so the groom has to use his imagination. This is apparently more appealing  than actually seeing her face!
  • It is said to be unlucky for a groom to see his bride before the wedding so she wears a veil to protect herself from being unlucky in marriage.
  • The veil is there to protect the bride from demons, the demons cannot see the bride and the bridesmaids are used as decoys. They are dressed attractively but not in veils so that they can be taken by the devil if necessary to save the bride from danger!  (Dangerous job, being a bridesmaid apparently!)
  • Roman brides wore red veils and Greek brides wore yellow veils both of which were thought to keep away evil spirits.
  • The bridal veil was used to signify the bride being a part of her father's house and then becoming a part of her husband's house as he lifted the veil during the end of the ceremony.

No matter what the reasons behind why the bridal veil was worn, today we know that it means “beauty” and what bride doesn’t want to be beautiful on her wedding day.  Take a look at some of these gorgeous veils and see for yourself what we mean.

Astyn Audrey
Betty Bridget
Charisse Ella
Photography courtesy of Sara Gabriel


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