Monday, September 20, 2010

Garters…yes or no?

Bridal Garters an age old tradition, but is it still as prominent these days as it used to be? We did notice a decline in the use of them over the years but we feel they are taking a turn back the other direction.  We are seeing more and more brides these days that would like to honor that tradition.  Below are some fabulous garters that we found and thought we would share.  Even though there are some variations on colors and styles, we can’t help but still love the tried and true white and blue.  This way you always have your something blue!

BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS Garter SET Lollie Couture Bridal Collection Blue and white Venice garter set
Elegant in Tiffany Blue GarterLady's Most Regal Romantic Wedding Lace Garter Hanky Set Sheer Organza Garters Adorned With Swarovski Crystal Flowerettes
Petite corset style garter - Style 061 - Made to Order something blue peek-a-boo ribbon and ivory vintage lace garter

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