Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Wedding Inspiration…

Having a Fall wedding?  Well here are some things we find inspirational for this Fall and the gorgeous rich colors it brings.  What do you find inspirational about the Fall?

inspiration board template

The role of the bridesmaid…

    We often counsel brides on the true and expanded role that bridesmaids play in her wedding plans. It is far more than merely buying a dress with matching shoes and showing up at the ceremony on time.  How much each bride expect
of her maids is a highly personal choice, but we think knowing
about the traditional roles will help her choose what exactly she’d like from each.  We also counsel brides of the need to
share this information with her friends prior to asking an individual  to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  One can find all sorts of resources, which discuss the history of bridesmaids, but there are likely two traditions.

  • One evolved from a cultural/religious belief that evil spirits would try to derail a bride’s happiness in marriage; so young women dressed just like her  and surrounded her to confuse those evil spirits.
  • A second comes from Roman times when by Roman law, at least ten young maidens were required to “protect” the bride from capture.

    While today’s bridesmaid isn’t expected to engage is hand- to hand combat to protect her friend, she is expected  to assist the bride in various parts of the wedding plans
and ceremony. Too few bridesmaids know what the role
entails.  So when a girl says,“Yes, I’d love to be in your wedding party”, what does that mean? It means that:

  • She will offer emotional support and be available for handling some of the details  of the wedding if the bride needs her.
  • She will be invited to all of the showers being held for the bride. 
  • She will participate in and perhaps help plan the
    bachelorette party. 
  • She will offer assistance as needed in various projects likeNicolle Mayka 6 helping to address invitations, printing seating charts and place cards, or train fluffing before photos.  
  • She will help select the bridesmaids dresses, be cooperative in the choice and be prepared to pay for  her own gown and accessories unless the bride clearly offers her financial assistance.
  • She will attend the rehearsal and be  a cooperative participant. 
  • She may be asked to stand in the receiving line and assist in moving guests through it.  If she is not in the receiving line,  she may be asked to function as a roving hostess and insure that the bride and groom have the opportunity to greet everyone  at the reception.
  • If the wedding reception includes a dance, the bridesmaids
    have a responsibility to insure that guests make it to the dance floor.   

In a way, bridesmaids are still helping to ward off “evil” spirits but those spirits are now in the form of the stress and strain something that may rob the bride of the joy in her wedding.  So even though the bridesmaids role has changed over the years, her role is still a very important one! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vendor of the week…

Our vendor of the week is the Flower Kiosk out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  This shop features some amazing flowers for weddings of all types.  Take a look at some of the bouquets we have below, breathtaking!

Give them a call or take a drive over and see what gorgeous floral arrangements they can make for you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just arrived today…

Take a look at this GORGEOUS art deco bridal gown by Lazaro in an ivory embroidered net with a curved neckline.  It has a crystal motif at empire bodice, a chiffon ruffle tiered A-Line skirt and a sweep train…just to die for don’t you think!  Call us today to come in and see it for yourself.  603-431-5454

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JOIN US | my Kate Parker Educates at Madeleine’s Daughter

Are you in the process of planning your own wedding and have questions to ask but don’t know who to turn to?

Join us as my Kate Parker Wedding gathers local wedding experts to address different aspects of the wedding planning process.  Unlike bridal shows, we want you to bring any questions that you have about your own experience to the table for our wedding experts to help guide you through.
Each of our presenters will touch on topics specific to their expertise along with demonstrations that may be helpful to you.  Then by having a wedding planner join us, the planner will be able to answer any questions that you have and help guide you through your own wedding planning experience with recommendations.

The night will be filled with valuable planning information with plenty of items to take home with you at night’s end including a Madeleine’s Daughter card valued at $50!  And everyone has a chance to win a gift card to a name-changing service from Miss Now Mrs.  Light refreshments will be served throughout the night.

So if you are in the Portsmouth NH area, we’d love for you to join us so here are some details:
date Wednesday, October 27, 2010
time 6:30pm to 9:00pm
place Madeleine’s Daughter | 775 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth NH

how to register
Space is limited. Please keep parties to no more than 3 per group.  We do require you to RSVP so please send an email with the number in your party to:
The event is $5 per person ($12 for a group of 3) and will be collected at the door.  The event is FREE for each person who brings with them a hard good(s) to donate to the SPCA (please click here for a list of items on the SPCA wish list).  *All proceeds will go to each of the following charities:  The Pink Initiative, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the SPCA.
the presenters ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
elizabeth_madeleines_daughter_wedding_bridal_salon_nhbridal salon | Madeleine’s Daughter At Madeleine’s Daughter bridal shop, owned by Elizabeth Dirom, the knowledgeable and attentive bridal consultants guide you through some of the most important decisions of your wedding.  Their exceptional customer service has allowed them to gain the trust of brides from all over New England for over 35 years. Elizabeth will be talking about gown and dress choices for different silhouettes and fabrics.
joanne_joya_beauty_nh_wedding_makeup_artistmakeup artist | Joya beauty Joanne McDonough is a skilled makeup artist professionally trained in Boston and New York.  Joanne’s makeup artistry has been seen on Fox 25 News, Maine PBS, Portsmouth Magazine, NH Wedding Magazine, and runway fashion events for Grace Ormond Wedding Style and Marriage Magazine.  Joanne will have a Q&A about the difference between airbrushing and traditional makeup including a demonstration.  Also, Joanne will provide her insight as to how to schedule your beauty preparations for your wedding day.
jessica_nothing_bakes_like_a_parrott_maine_wedding_cakescake and dessert designer | Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott Jessica Parrott specializes in the creation of dessert and candy tables that are not only delicious but fully encompass the creative design of your wedding. As Jessica says, “Sweet tooth or not, having amazing desserts at your wedding is must!”  Today, you have endless possibilities beyond the traditional four-tiered white cake with matching flowers.  Envision your wedding with a beautiful spread of all your favorite desserts, cakes, pies, and candy combined with all the creative design aspects you have worked tirelessly to create through your wedding planning process.  These tables are another fantastic way to wow your guests!
diana_ma_nh_wedding_plannerwedding planner | Diana Ma Weddings & Events What started out as a hobby for friends, turned into a full-fledged passion.  Diana Ma launched her planning company in June 2009 and offers full service event coordination as well as a variety of packages.  Diana will sit down and touch on some common topics experienced by couples during the planning process then will open up the remainder of the evening to answer any questions you have about your own wedding.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Backyard wedding tips…

We thought since so many people these days decide to have their wedding and reception or even just the reception in their backyard or a family members backyard,  that we would give you some tips on what we felt were important things to keep in mind. 

1. Space  is an important aspect.

Keep in mind the amount of space you have to use compared to the amount of people you have invited.  Think outside the box,  do you have to use just the grassy area of your yard?  No, by all means use what you have to your advantage.  Have a large deck?  This would make for a great dance floor, dress it up with paper lanterns and white lights to give it that warm feeling that makes people want to jump up and move to the music. 

2. Take the weather into consideration.

What season are you planning your wedding for?  Always keep this in mind, some seasons are not as “backyard” friendly as others.  Even though there are great seasons for this type of venue, always have a back up plan.  Maybe even incorporate a tent into the scheme of the wedding, just to be on the safe side.

3. Getting Permission

Not all towns require a permit but it would be something worth checking into  before your big day.  You may want to make sure that the town doesn't have a  noise ordinance or that you won’t need a parking permit.  Like in the movie “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin, they found out the hard way that they needed a parking permit to park the amount of cars they had!  Lastly just notify your neighbors (if they are not already invited) that you are a having a backyard wedding.  This way it doesn’t come as a surprise to them the day of when all of your guest are living it up.

4. Electricity

Make sure you think about how much electricity you will be using that day and how many things need electricity to run.  It might be wise to invest in or rent a  generator, this way you can ensure that you will have enough electricity to for everything.

5. Unwanted Guests

By unwanted guests we mean “bugs” as in “mosquitoes”, granted you can’t eliminate the entire populace from the world but it is a good idea to check into a pest control company to see what they can do for you for that time period.  Maybe even just having them spray the area.  It couldn’t hurt, making that call is better than having your guests being chewed upon.

There are still many other things to keep in mind when planning an event as big and  important as a wedding in your  back yard,  so do some research and see what you may need or even want.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Garters…yes or no?

Bridal Garters an age old tradition, but is it still as prominent these days as it used to be? We did notice a decline in the use of them over the years but we feel they are taking a turn back the other direction.  We are seeing more and more brides these days that would like to honor that tradition.  Below are some fabulous garters that we found and thought we would share.  Even though there are some variations on colors and styles, we can’t help but still love the tried and true white and blue.  This way you always have your something blue!

BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS Garter SET Lollie Couture Bridal Collection Blue and white Venice garter set
Elegant in Tiffany Blue GarterLady's Most Regal Romantic Wedding Lace Garter Hanky Set Sheer Organza Garters Adorned With Swarovski Crystal Flowerettes
Petite corset style garter - Style 061 - Made to Order something blue peek-a-boo ribbon and ivory vintage lace garter

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sage and Silver Inspiration Board…

These inspirations of sage and silvers with rhinestones and sparkles are one of the many rich color trends this coming fall! Take a look at the gorgeous Essense of Australia bridal gown that we have paired with the Lazaro bridesmaid and the Montage Mothers gown, simply irresistible!  Adding more color to the scheme is easy to do, just add flowers of rich oranges and vibrant reds with fall fruits to compliment.  Oh and don’t forget the fabulous choices for cakes out there these days like the one below.  No matter which you choose you can’t go wrong.Sage inspiration board

What fall color schemes inspire you?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vendor of the week…

The first vendor we decided to choose for our vendor of the week is “The Wild Orchid Baking Company”!  They have the most amazing wedding cakes and delicacies to choose from!  Wedding cakes are their specialty, if you can dream it they can make it!

1/rosecloseup.235.280.jpg 1/closeuppinkflowercakepeony.JPG
1/blue_tile_cake_green_rose_close_up.jpg 1/PA_cake.JPG
Take a look at their website and see for yourself some of the amazing things they have created, who knows maybe you will have them create something unique for you!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Red Inspiration Board…

Today our inspiration board is made of luscious reds, just in time for fall’s favorite fruit, the apple! These candy apple colors in this inspiration board are ripe for the picking!  Is this what will inspire your color choice?


red inspiration board

Footnotes - finding the right shoes...

Have you found that perfect dress? Well then it's time to find the right shoes to wear... You'll want your choice to reflect a silhouette that matches your gown style and personality.
There are plenty to choose from - like gleaming satin pumps, lace skimmers accented with detailed beading, embroidered lace shoes, dyables or dressy sandals. Heels range from flat to platform and you have many possibilities for glamorizing and customizing any shoe you select.
For foot comfort on the big day, make sure to wear your shoes several times in advance of the wedding. It's hard to smile when your feet are hurting! Some brides bring along a second pair of shoes for dancing at the reception. Remember to score or sandpaper the soles of your shoes to avoid slipping!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Designer of the Month…Pronovias!

Our designer for the Month of September is Pronovias!  The 2011 Collection has just arrived…call today to make your appointment to see them!  Absolutely fantastic designs this season! Take a look at the few we have shared below:

image image
image image
image image
image image

Don’t they just give you that WOW feeling?  Call us today at 603-431-5454 to make your appointment and get that WOW feeling!  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lavender Inspiration Board…

lavendar inspiration board

Take a look at these rich colors we used in this inspirational board of lavenders and creamy whites and ivories…just breathtaking!  What colors inspire  you?


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