Monday, June 28, 2010

Styles for all shapes and sizes

We wanted to put together a sort of listing that would help a bride figure out what sort of style best suits her shape and size.  Which category do you fit into?

Full Figured:

Try something with an asymmetrical side draping or ruching around the bust line and/or waistline.   This sort of style will camouflage anything you don't want seen.  Gowns with an A-line design to it is very flattering if you are trying to either hide or minimize your hip area.  Take a look at these styles for inspiration.

Large Busted:

Covering your cleavage completely will draw just as much attraction to them as showing too much cleavage will.  Try going for a style that has a V-neck so that it breaks up the bust line and makes the neckline look more elongated.  Even something with vertical seams can diminish a larger chest and put the focus on the whole gown, not just your bust line!  Here are some inspirational ideas.

Pear Shaped:

Go for an A-line style even if its just the skirt that is A-line and doesn't have allot of embellishments on it, the bodice could be more ornate and draw the attention upward.  The ornate bodice could be as simple as ruching or being embellished with swarovski crystals, as long as the skirt is plain and not adding to the hipline your safe.  See what we have chosen here for inspired looks.

Tall and Thin:

Not all tall and thin women have curves, so to get that look in your wedding gown and dazzle everyone there, try going with something that has different textures and dimensions.  For example a fit and flare style gown with a sash or belt around the waistline will create the illusion of a defined waistline and hips!  Look at the ideas we choose for your inspired look.



We all know that petite shapes can be a hard fit!  You don't want to go with something too ornate and over embellished so that your frame is overwhelmed.  Try going with something more on the simple and subdued side.  If you have to have the embellishments try having it just one the bodice or maybe a swarovski beaded belt or sash, it could be as easy as adding a great necklace!  Slim styles are definitely a plus for this body shape, it will fall in just the right places. Check out what we felt worked.

Monday, June 21, 2010

10 things a PERFECT bridesmaid should do

We have compiled what we think the “perfect”9987 FINAL bridesmaid should do.

  • Give the bride your honest, but sweetly said opinion
  • When wedding gown shopping, have tears in your eyes when you see her in “the one”.
  • Throw the bride the most amazing bachelorette party, keeping her tastes in mind when doing.
  • Help the bride stuff favor and goodie bags for the shower and/or the wedding.
  • Record all gifts she receives at the bridal shower so she can 9978 FINALsend proper thank you cards.
  • Offer to get any last minute items that may be needed the for the day of the wedding.
  • Be her sounding board for all the fears and anxieties she may be experiencing.
  • Delegate!  Give some of the smaller tasks that need being done to on of the other bridesmaids in the party, they are sure to be happy to help.
  • Last but most important…DO NOT complain…just ENJOY!  A complaining bridesmaid is the last thing a stressed out bride needs on her big day!

After all is said and done…there really is no such thing as a “perfect” bridesmaid…just a “perfect” friend!  Enjoy the day with her and overall just have fun!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Which gown do you think is in your budget?


  Which gown do you think is more expensive?  Which one do you think will fit into your budget, whether it be a large budget or a lower budget…one of these gorgeous gowns is sure to fit the bill, so to speak!


Lazaro Style # 3013


Jovani Style# 141216

  So lets compare the two, these gowns are exquisite in both design an embellishments there is no question about that.  Both gowns also have that unique quality that sets them apart from a lot of other gowns.  So where is the difference in them you ask?

  One of them has a  silk satin  bodice with silk satin flowers and crystal embellishments at the waist on a silk satin band and a silk organza plumed skirt. 

  The other gown has a ruched tulle bodice adorned with a pearl and crystal brooch on a satin band at the waist and a tulle skirt with mini ruffles.

  You decide…tell us which one you think is better suited to you budget!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rosa Clara Trunk Show

Come in and take a look at the Rosa Clara Brides for 2010...these gowns have a modern, feminine and resounding beauty that is just breathtaking. The collection is inspired by two trends:

One...simple lines with close-fitting gowns.

Two...spectacular volume.

Join us for the premier Rosa Clara Trunk Show at Madeleine's Daughter June 18 thru June 20, 2010

Call for an appointment at 603-431-5454.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Say yes to your dress

Check out this great article we found in the July 2010 Brides magazine where Randy Fenoli gives brides amazing advice.


Monday, June 7, 2010

White is NOT the #1 rule of thumb!

  In this day and age bridal gowns not only come in all different shapes and sizes but also “colors”!  Yes “colors” aside from the traditional white and ivory we have all come to know  as the traditional colors of a wedding gown.  Bridal gowns can come in a variety of colors, such as this blue silk gown from Essense of Australia…


Or this black and white lace gown by Emerald Bridal…




  These dresses are definitely not in the same traditional aspect we have always known, but that doesn’t stop them from being stunning.  So…if you are that non-traditional bride that wants a not so  traditional gown, go for something different and be true to yourself.  Here are a few more examples of what we consider “non-traditional”. 


            athena kp silverRk 103 blue  


When you wear a gown like any of these, heads are sure to turn!

Friday, June 4, 2010

June Designer choice

Each month we have decided to choose a designer and show you some of  their latest styles…which are some of our favorites!

This months designer is Monique L’huillier and here are a few of the gowns we found stunning this season!


What are you thoughts?  Stunning…gorgeous…amazing….you tell us!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Marisa Gowns!


Check this gown out,  with the amazing detail on the strapless crystal bodice and the three dimensional flowers with the small amount of ruching at the waist! This dress seems to have just the right amount of embellishments, look how small the ruching makes the models waist look! The simple skirt made of Silk Organza  has a slight A-line that doesn’t add any dimension to the hips and  flows gently from the waist…simply gorgeous!


Here is another amazing gown by Marisa! Here we have another gorgeous gown made out of Silk Organza but in a different way. This dress doesn’t need a lot of embellishments to make it stand out. The multi-tiered silk organza that has been cut on the bias is simply fun! The model has on an amazing crystal and flower belt that accentuates her small waistline and adds the perfect amount of “look at me” to the gown. This gown is sure to amaze anyone that looks at you in it with the great fit and flare style and the strapless neckline that shows of a great neckline!


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