Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Jillian

My mom and I showed up to Madeleine’s and we were welcomed right in to a warm and inviting environment. We were there with the mentality that we were not buying today and wanted to try on dresses at a few other shops; little did we know we would soon both be in tears of joy. I was too nervous to sit as we waited for Ashley so I looked a bit through the beautiful bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride dresses. Once in the dressing room with Ashley she made us feel like we were in the right place and we could trust her; she seemed to understand what I was and was not looking for right off. We tried on some dresses that I knew right away were not for me and others that were nothing I would have imagined wearing but loved. I still remember the moment so clearly when I knew it was my dress; a feeling you cannot describe and just have to experience it yourself. Although I was not interested in a veil, Ashley convinced me to at least try it out. I put one on in the dressing room and could see my moms eyes welling up. As we walked down the hallway towards the mirrors I felt the excitement building up the closer I got. About halfway down the hallway I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror and tears began streaming down my face. I truly felt like the only bride in the store at that moment. Thank you to Ashley and the staff at Madeleine’s for sharing this special time with me and my mom.

All photos courtesy of Kivalo Photography
Well, this wraps up our year for our "Meet Our Bride" series. We hope you've enjoyed seeing so many of our beautiful brides. If you'd like to be among them, email us today with your photos and a testimonial! Happy New Year, everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Amy

I had such a wonderful experience at Madeleine's Daughter and my dress was absolutely perfect.  I couldn't have been more comfortable and felt more beautiful on our wedding day.  


All photos courtesy of Molly Anne Photography
What was your dress-buying experience like? Did you come looking for a princess gown or a simple sheath? Was it a fun appointment, or emotional? Whatever the story, we not only want to hear it, we want to share it here on our blog! Email us your story and photos today!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Ashley

The year is coming to an end and we're trying to feature as many of our brides as possible here on the blog. Today we'd love for you to meet Ashley!

Thank you to the entire Madeleine's Daughter team! I can not thank them enough for such a flawless wedding dress shopping experience. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and that's exactly what they gave me! Not only did I get the dress of my dreams, the seamstresses were out of this world. I ended up going down two dresses from the time I purchased my dress to my wedding day, and you would not have known a thing from the looks of the dress- they truly worked wonders!

Thank you again for making this part of the wedding planning process so easy! 

Photos courtesy of Andrea Kelly Photography

As this year comes to a close, we'll be reaching out to all of our brides from 2014 asking for more of your photos and testimonials for here on the blog and elsewhere. Email us today if you're interested in being featured! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Meet Our Bride: Ann

I had a lovely experience at Madeleine's Daughter, I was so well taken care of and the girl that helped us was very service minded and helpful. I had a very good idea of what I didn't want and not so much of what I wanted. She helped me open my mind and try many different kinds of dresses so in the end I actually fell in love with a style that I had told her I didn't want but once on, it really fitted my body type and style of wedding. She was awesome! And it really helped me to have her tell me I was only allowed to keep a certain amount of dresses in the room as "possibles" because I had to really think about each dress as a yes or no right away and go with my first feeling.

We had to postpone our wedding for a year and Madeleine's Daughter was happy to store the paid dress for me during that time. I kept in touch during the year giving updates on our story and never once was there any issues that I kept the dress in the store for such a long time. I have been recommending the store to anyone getting married after my own wonderful experience.

All photos courtesy of Eric McCallister Photography


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